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Changing tyres

My car tires are giving way. In fact I was supposed to change the front tires last December, but was way too busy.

In fact, I was contemplating whether to change back to run flats or to change to normal tires. Run flats will set ms back at least 8k. The worst part is that the comfort is below par.

After doing done quick research, decided to get Eagle F1 asymmetric. Reviews are mostly good and it’s not that much costly. Now I am sitting down in Lim Tayar in Taman Tun – waiting for my car to be done. Another expensive affair! But it’s still better then spending 8k on run flats.

Next stop would be Eneos, to get the emergency flat tire kit! All because 325 don’t have any spare tires! Don’t even have a space. Argh!

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