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Trying Very Hard

trying hard

It has been about two weeks since I started my “campaign” to publish daily my photos on this blog. It has not been easy – especially with my tight daily schedule. But I guess, a little bit of planning does go a long way. I knew that I was going to be away almost the whole of next week, hence I have already prepared a set of pictures to be processed and published.

By utilizing wordpress ability to post item in the future, I was able to time my posting to come in, day in day out. In fact last week, I managed to process and post pictures all the way till Friday. So far this morning, I have managed to process few pictures that can last me till Tuesday next week. I guess, having such “campaign” does help me a lot to look at some of the gems which I have, but never bother to process nor look.

With the age of digital photography, we always take things for granted. Picture which does not resemble a certain oomph element, are usually deleted or kept in the cold drive for the longest time. Only those pictures which are deemed to be fantastic are processed and posted online. Again, it depends on the type of person as well as the style of photography at the point of shooting. I am glad that I still have thousands and thousands of pictures that has not been peek! And as I move on with the “Picture Of The Day”, I would be able to look through my pictures and share it with the readers of this blog (which i don’t think is that many leh…)…


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