Street Shoot : Brickfields

Peking Hotel!

Today, I managed to dragged myself out of my apartment – after doing some work – to do a bit of walking around town with some of my fellow photographers. Brickfields is an old part of Kuala Lumpur, predominantly occupied by the Indians. If one were to actually find indians stuffs or even enjoy some good ole indian food, there’s nowhere else you can go apart from Brickfields.

The photos above are one of the many photos that I have taken in Brickfields. There are so many interesting characters around in addition to the old buildings that is scattered around the area. Self developed during the boom of the railways – the town is filled with quarters, formerly owned by KTM.

The picture above is the old Peking Hotel. I think it has already been closed down years ago. In fact, the ground floor used to be a makan place – Chinese Coffeeshop. In fact i believe, some of my colleagues do visit his place every now and then – when my team was based in Brickfields years ago.

The following shows the maps of the location of the shoot:

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Heh heh…

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