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Its the time of the year again where TV shows are taking a break. WIth that – i have officially ran out of episodes to watch in gym. This is rather demotivating because the fact that the shows on astro is rather not very interesting, and it doesn’t really motivate me to come to gym frequently.

Well, because of that – i have decided to add one more tv series into my list of shows… Boston Legal. I must say, its really a cool show! Heh heh… So far, after i start downloading it yesterday (yes … legal download), I am already enjoying it! Damn funny…


Hence… by the look of it, this year i have already been watching the following series:

  • Heroes
  • House
  • NCIS
  • Prison Break
  • Bones
  • Grey’s Anatomy

and now.. Boston Legal

Its really a lot of shows isn’t it! And expensive too, I would easily spend about USD40 per season, bringing it to USD260, which is about RM1k…. about the same amount i would pay for astro.. :))

Did i mentioned that 24 is starting Jan 11! OOO YEAH!!1


Looking at the past year, it seems that I’ve been watching more stuffs on itunes that my astro. I been paying astro a lot of money, but I’ve not been utilising their services. Seriously, the only bit which i watch is AFC – and that’s really once every few weeks.


Perhaps, i should just terminate my astro – and sell off my Astro Max. Its severely underutilise now. I could save the money and buy more tv episodes via itunes….. Maybe.. maybe. Every month i terminate, i could get about 20-30 dollars worth of itunes credit. That can easily can be half a season. Plus, i could also buy more songs.. hmmm

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