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Chelsea in Malaysia


I am really not a fan of Chelsea – the only Chelsea i know is the Chelsea Food Market in New York City – where I bought the best strawberry conserve in the world! Anyway – a friend of mine called me couple of weeks back to offer me access to Chelsea Team! All the way from arrival to the actual match on the pit. Sadly – I actually have an important dinner to attend to – haih. Miss opportunity again…

Anyway, I was at the Palace of The Golden Horses, taking quick snapshots of the team arrival. Seriously – i don’t really know who’s who, thus had to resort to Google Images to identify! Anyway, following are some of the quick snapshots 😉

Chelsea Team arrival to Malaysia

John Terry taking his bag from the bus, and walking to the main lobby.

Chelsea Team arrival to Malaysia

Luis Felipe Scolari coming down from the bus.

Press Conference - Chelsea..

Press Conference….

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