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Java…. it has been years

For the first couple of years of my working life, I have been dealing a lot of with Java. Primarily because of my work requirements. And seriously, i’ve been “said” to be one of those speed coders. One thing that i can say, is that i really enjoy doing development work…. hence i do it with passion (minus the fact that i have to stay up late and night, and get nightmares…)

But since, I been asked to do management work, i have very little time to look at development. Nor do i actually do any development work (minus the VBA for some funky excel stuffs). Tick-tock, tick-tock, 3 years has passed and now for what ever reason – i am into this mode of doing some development. Hmmm.. well, I need to get some demo stuffs up and running on one of my virtual machines (oh yeah, i do sound techy innit?)… Sounds like easy stuffs eh? But seriously, the java codes looks like utter gibrish for me!

Okay, now let me figure out if i can actually do Hello World!

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