New York: Day #2

Today is the big camera day! Whereby i take out the big camera out for shooting!

The day actually started by going to Hertz car rental to checkout on the cars that’s available for rental tmrw (which is a major shopping day)!we're_hertz_logo.jpg

I went to the local edition down in 18 Morton St..


The lady sounded grumpy, …In fact, i can even rent a car an hour before i want it, provided there’s a stock available 😀 So.. i make my way back. On the way back i stop by for some healthy breakfast! 😀


Here’s me and my healthy meal! Oat meal with fruits!

Healthy breakfast - oatmeal and fruitis

**that’s russell peter’s t-shirt 😉 **

After makan, took the train from Christopher St to 14th Street. From that point onwards, walked to chelsea food market..


Checkout for more information!


It has this very quaint look! Very nice!


They have a bunch of really good food!

After heading to chelsea food market, i walk around to find Sidsbike! But i just couldn’t find it. Hmm.. i dun have any gps liao..


Guess, i just got lost liao!

This place looks interesting..


Not my luck liao!!!

From that point onwards, i head over to the ritual #3.. B&H! 😀 Its open!!


Ekeke.. what i bought.. let’s say its heavy! 😀

B&H is located at…


He he.. since the stuffs are heavy, and i brought along my camera… took a cab bag to offload stuffs! After that.. i ended up sleeping.. ha ha


At 7am, head out over to Times Square for dinner. Had some currified food ..he he.. just needed rice liao..


Must say, the food is good 😉

After makan.. normal obligatory pictures in times square liao!

Times Square

Little i realised that Giants won the superbowl and everybody was jumping in joy!


He he..

After that.. head over to the subway and saw some ppl performing.. continue to take subway home.. zzzz

Then sleep..

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