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If u ask me now what i want for my Christmas present.. i want this!

This is taken from Ryan Block – the guy from engadget

MacBook Pro with Samsung SSD

Yeah, I just couldn’t resist transplanting the Samsung 64GB solid state drive from my PC to my Mac after I finished most of my tests (which are now up over at Engadget). This is really how everyone’s laptop experience should be: free from worries about platter scratches or head crashes from bumps or drops; silent, cool drive operation; super fast access to your data. It’s just an early taste of what portable computing will be like in a few years, and it’s amazing. Install shots in my Flickr stream.

Update: Boot-up video hotness after the break, at the request of commenter Brad.

Also, to further clarify: Samsung SSDs are not available for purchase to end-users. I have one because I was sent it for review (see link above to Engadget).

To put that boot in context, it’s a fresh install of Leopard booting with a number of extensions / startup items in the back and foreground, including Quicksilver, TextExpander, Growl, and a few others. 20 seconds sure ain’t bad.

Check it out here

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