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10 things you can do to kill THAT ADDICTION…..


Following are the 10 things you can do to spend less than 1 hour day on facebook

  1. Delete all games applications from your facebook account (esp scrabulous)
  2. Delete all profile applications from your facebook
  3. Uninstall the iphoto facebook plugin
  4. Start talking to your girlfriend face to face or even SMS rather than using the Facebook
  5. Start calling up your friends for teh tarik rather than sending Funwall posts!!!
  6. Start clearing off your TODO list that has been piling since you started facebook
  7. Go to your host file and change the direction of to an NO-FACEBOOK warning!!
  8. Remove all your friends from FACEBOOK!!!
  9. Tell your boss that you quitting the job because the internet access at work is causing you to spend too much time on Facebook
  10. Just throw away all the computers that you have access

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