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Looking Forward for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

It has been ages since Microsoft Office for Mac has been updated. In fact the last version that was released by Microsoft in the year 2004 – with the name Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac à DUH!

The previous Microsoft Office consists of the following components:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Entourage
  • Powerpoint
  • Virtual PC


One word can describe the software – its ancient and its slow! Ancient because in comparison to Microsoft Office 2007 (which I use for work in office), its rather ancient and not that syiok! I need smart arts! I need wordpress integration.. Heh heh. In addition to that, Microsoft announced last year that they are stopping the development on Mac! Blardy hell..

But recently they have announced Microsoft Office 2008! Ooooo lalalala. Apparently, what Office 2008 for Mac is more than what Office 2007 for Winlows support 😀 And plus with the support for Intel for Mac, it should be blazing fast. In addition to that, the new Office will also support Office Open XML format – thus create a seamless working capability between Winlows and Mac! J


Checkout this website à for a quick test drive on the new Office. Seriously, I am really looking forward for this J




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