MCPA Asian Cup 2007 Photo Contest

Well.. saw a posting in a local photo forum that there would be a photo contest organised by Malaysian-Chinese-Photojournalist-Association (MCPA) and FAM on the Asian Cup. Checkout

BE CAREFUL, if you read the terms and conditions at . You will realised that the organiser are kinda errr… errr… selfish isn’t it. They won’t pay for any royalties to you if there make money out of it (that’s normal), but if they don’t make money… and have to pay money because of copyright issue.. they will charge it back to you… grrr..

9. No photographs will be returned, the organiser has the right to use any of them for promotion or exhibition
purposes, with no royalties paid.
10. Participants are to be held fully liable should any copyright issues arise.

Ishk Ishk…

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