6th Generation Ipod – Widescreen and Wifi-ed Ipod

Okay…. introducing the 6th generation ipod…. TADA!!!!!


Just what I am looking for. Watching the TV series wouldn’t be that much a hassle anymore if I have the widescreen ipod. Now I am struggling with the small screen ipod. Perhaps my eyes will get worse as i go on watching my tv series on the really really really really tiny ipod video screen.

Well, according TUAW,we can activate the iphone without actually having a contract. Well, how? Not too difficult actually.. Here’s how (cut-and-paste)…

Removed SIM and replaced it with an invalid, unactivated, no-account SIM. Still works as 6G WiFi iPod. Still Synced properly to iTunes. Tried placing call. It failed (as expected).

Removed SIM entirely. It complains but works at 6G WiFi iPod. Tried placing call. “No SIM card installed”. Failed. Connected to iTunes. Synced without any problems I could detect. WiFi fine.

Removed activated SIM and placed into a cheap disposable AT&T cell phone. Worked fine. Was able to place calls. Good way to save your iPhone from danger on ski or bike trips.

Placed SIM from cheap disposable AT&T Pay as You Go phone into iPhone.
Call failed. WiFi fine.

He he.. fun isn’t it! Now now now.. should i go acquire one?

Well.. let’s do it the more fun way..


Its a Phillips portable DVD player DCP850, you can slot in the IPOD video and play on the widescreen. Cool isn’t it. It cost about SGD380, the last time i was in Singapore. Was so tempted to buy, but I already have a portalble DVD player now. No point getting it, or… hmm he he.. he he..:D

Read the review at http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/ptech/05/17/philips.dvd.player/index.html

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