Finally I succumbed to go to the doctor after having congested chest for the day. Having congested chest is not funny at especially when you have a life full of walking here and there, talking on the phone, discussions all day long. Seriously. Short of breath.. blek! Well the following was done:

  • Checked my pulse rate – A bit high – meaning i’ll get some sort of a fever
  • Checked my  throat – Yay! Throat all clear 
  • Listened to my chest – Damn! Chest was tight, trachea was  constricted, full of phlegm

 As I thought I would just have a normal cough – flu thingy, the doctor said that I have asthma! Hmm, interesting indeed. The last time i was ever told that i had asthma was like 9 years ago, when I was back in the UK. Where – i was prescribed with the inhaler.Anyway… from that I was prescribed with bunch of medication, namelyPregnisolon  (or however you pronounce it) – To prevent the lung cells to release toxins that will make the trachea smaller

  • Clarinase – To stop running nose
  • Augmentin – Antibiotic
  • Mucosolvan – To push my body to throw away the phlegms
  • Ventolin Inhaler – Its a blardy inhaler 

060823_asthma_widehlarge.jpg  Anyway, I have used pretty much most of the medicine above – and usually they work. Heh heh… I guess the best thing was the inhaler, it did give an immediate relief to my chest. I was having literally short breath, having to breath every couple of second.. and barely could walk a couple of seconds.  With a few doses of the inhaler, i was able to breath much better (not at 100%), but something which is rather bearable!… He he.. Am so happy.  Anyway.. I do hope i’ll get better soon!!! Please check out wikipedia on Asthma 

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