Myths of Public Transport…


Today is one of those insane days, where I decided to be crazy and ran a social experiment on the life of using public transport.

History of Me Using Public Transport

Technically for myself, had the luxury of using my own private car for the past 5 years of my life. The last time I actually use public transport seriously, was during my earlier days of working (with Accenture). During those days, I actual travel exclusively on the Putra LRT (well that’s what they were known last time) and feeder buses. Day in day out, I would travel on one of those trains (how I wish I can afford an Ipod..). During the earlier days (1999-2001), I generally was based either in Amcorp Mall (Accenture old office, those days it was called Andersen Consulting),  or in the project site in Kelana Parkview (Kelana Jaya). I stayed with my parents in Keramat. The distance easily 20km (to Amcorp) and 30km (to Kelana Parkview).  Not being able to afford a car, I would rely exclusively on public transport, and at some point of time, I would borrow my dad Nissan Sunny 130Y .

As I mentioned, today is one of those crazy days – I actually tried to go to my parents house from Damansara Perdana using public transport:D Stupid idea isn’t it. Well.. its a crazy idea.. by a semi-insane fella =))

Adventure #1: Finding the Bus Stop (3.00pm)

Well, after i decided to do the crazy adventure, I was deciding on how shall i start it. Hmm, there are several options, namely:

  1. Take taxi to the nearest LRT station
  2. Wait at the bus stop in front of my apartment
  3. Walk to Ikano and take the Ikano Shuttle to Kelana LRT Station
  4. Walk to 1 Utama to transport hub

Option 1, hmm… its really cheating. Like that, might as well i drive.. so its a no go (that time i am still fresh from the affogato i had for dessert :)) ). Let’s consider option 2. As i was walking in front of my apartment, I could not find the bus stop. Hmm, tough tough. Bugger, if i wait for 30 mins, then the bus doesn’t come.. or worst doesn’t stop how? Forget lar, I move to option 3. He he. By this time, I am already in front of Metropolitan Square. A good possiblity. Then i remembered, the frequency of ikano shuttle is not very good. Something like one every hour. So forget it lar… Moved to option number 4, which is walk to 1 utama to the transport hub 😀 Well… after I reach to the front of the Curve. I decided to go in to the curve, for quick cool down 😀 He he.. fantastic. I then continue walking to 1 utama…. Finally I reached the terminal.

 Adventure #2: Finding the Bus to Go KL (3.45pm)

There’s at least about 4 buses there. All got different numbers. Was trying to find out what bus should i take to go. Hmm.. the rapidkl signboards doesn’t say anything about the bus schedule and such. The most it has, is that what’s the frequency of the buses.

Suggestion #1: Add the bus schedule and stops at the terminal

After looking through high and low at the terminal, I saw this whiteboard.. ha ha, the bus number and the destination is shown there. Damn it, blardy cheapskate company. Can spend so much on buses, but the sign board oso cannot do. Doesn’t matter..  After I found the bus number that I should board, I then reconfirm with the fella at the counter. Great, I am all good to go. Waited for about 10 minutes before the driver walked into the bus. It was not the new RapidKL buses, instead it was the old Intrakota buses (but refurbished and painted). Dissapointed 🙁

Adventure #3: Getting the Ticket (4:00pm)

Not knowing how much it costs, I went and asked the driver. Driver said 2 ringgit. I dropped 4 pieces of 50 cents coin. Hoping to get my ticket. But the fella was slow. Then i walked away because i don’t know whether i need to have tickets.  He then called me, and said something. Because the engine was noisy, I said.. “Tiket? Mana Tiket?”. Bugger! The fella scolded me “Aku cakap tunggu, tunggu lar”. I was like WTF. For free, i got scolded. I don’t usually get scolding. So much for being customer centric. There’s 1001 one way to tell me to wait for the tickets, but he just wanted to scold me. Perhaps he was in a bad mood. He then rudely asked the passengers in the bus to show the tickets to him. I tell you, blardy rude. Ishkkk.. I wished I have recorded the conversation and also the things that he said to the other passengers. Err, the bus was rather uncomfortable for me (err I know i have to lose weight).

This part got nothing to do with Public Transport

Now its about 5pm. I am in kl sentral finally. The 60 minutes is quite tiring i must say. On top of that am feeling a bit nauseous. Perhaps because the air suspension. Decided to get myself an iced latte at Starbucks. After this i am going to walk to central market and take lrt from there all the way to Jelatek. Time to start shooting! He he… (finally)

Well, i  walked from kl sentral to the train station via jalan tun sambathan. I have walked through this path many many times. Nothing new except for the fences separating the rail track and the walking path. Some of the bricks literally gone! Damn i could easily walk to the rail track, err err if i am stupid lar. He He.

As i reached the old railway station, near the tm brickfields exchange, i decided to go to the train station. Well perhaps i can take some photos of the facade. But, there’s an issue with my lens. Its way too long for the scene that i am trying to capture. I would need to use a 35mm lens(one is on the way from germany).
Adventure #4: Getting the Cab To Keramat (5.30pm)

Well, with the dissapointment and of course feeling slight nauseous from the bus ride, i decided to grab a cab from there. I tell you stupid cab drivers of kl, don’t want to use meter. Once they ask for Rm20 to go to Keramat from Railway station, i immediately slam the door. Basket, blardy annoying people. finally i got to this taxi. The fella was kinda not sure whether to take me, because he does not know the way. He is just helping a friend. I finally reached my parents house, roughly at 6pm. Err, 3 hours! That’s more than 8 times the normal duration. Partly, i walked at different stretches.

Adventure #5:  Getting the tickets for LRT (8.15pm)

For the trip back home, decided to take lrt from parents to taman jaya. I didn’t bring my touch and go card, so I have to find pay for my tickets. I have brought small change in wallet for this purpose. Firstly, I went to the self service machine to get my ticket. Pressed the screen for Taman Jaya, then the machine asked me for Rm2.40. Fine… I put in the first of 3 RM1.00 note into the machine, yay… It went in 😀 I was happy.. but but…. the LED on the slot turn red. Aiyah.. common sense it means that cannot put in more money.. Damn it… I tried.. doesn’t work..  press the Cancel button, the machine refunded my RM1.00 note.. FINE..

I shall try on another machine (just next to it). Repeated the same procedure… then.. I put my first RM1.00 note.. errr… err.. same case as the previous machine, the machine doesn’t accept want to accept more notes. ARGH!!!!!!! Ok fine.. i press the Cancel button…. err… errr.. NO RESPONSE.. I press again and again… it just doesn’t work. I figure the sensor probably gone case already.. I then pressed really hard!! It worked… DAMN!!

I then walked to the counter… passed RM3.00 and asked for the tickets to Taman Jaya. The lady at the counter said, errr… “Ni tiket dua ringgit sepuluh sen, sampai taman jaya bayar lagi tiga puluh sen. Komputer sini hang”. In english.. “This is 2.10 ticket, you pay the extra 0.30 at Taman Jaya station. The computer hang”. I was like WTF!!!!

Finally I reached Taman Jaya LRT station about 9.00pm. It was a pleasant ride. Paid my 0.30 cents at the counter and walk off. I then walk to Amcorp mall to grab a cab. Amazingly, I gotten a cab and the cab driver was really nice. Had a nice chat with him (he speaks good malay despite being a chinese 🙂 ). Reached home… … happily and tired :))

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