Flower Seller

Flower Seller, originally uploaded by mohamadfazli.

This picture was shot in front of the temple near Bus Stand Klang. From what i observed, the “stall” enjoy brisk business especially during prayer times.

I believe that the price tag for the flowers is cheap, and definitely affordable. I didn’t have the chance to actually speak to them, but they definitely looked friendly. In fact they wanted to pose for me.

As what i understand, the flowers are bought, and used as offerings by the devotees to their lord (a hindu temple is just few shops away).

I would love to go again to this place, to understand further how it works, why they sell, what is it use for, what they gain out of it. Interesting indeed.

Camera: Leica M6 TTL
Film: T-Max 400
Lens: Summilux 50mm
Developer: D76

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