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Tips on how to workout more than 3 mins….

on the cross trainer or stepper without getting bored!

As part of my health regime – i do a lot of cardiovascular exercises. But how can one person sustain for a long period on a particular workout machine? Well.. for me, I use a portable dvd player. The particular model which i used is:


This piece of gadget, i bought for about RM1000+ at Sony shop in Curve. Probably the best purchase in years! I have really abuse this DVD player, big time! Day in day out..

Well to couple with this nice gadget, is the top of the line in-ear earphones from Sony. At first, i used Apple ear phones for this purpose, but heck, it doesn’t work. The loud music in gym will just swamp all the sounds that coming out of your dvd player. The solution, a noise insulation earphones, like the MDR-EX71SL. Cost about RM140.00 i think.


Well, I am already on my second earphones, as my first one was abused that every was tearing all over, can see the internal copper and such. Well, its a sign of well abuse! Though i was actually tempted to replace it with Bang and Olufsen… common sense managed to drive me to that idea.. Hallo!!!


Nice looking, cost about USD150. Expensive!! Not worth it for gym, the abuse will just damage the nice aluminium holder… :))

Anyway, on top of the gadgets, i gotta procure TV series to enable me to fully concentrate. Well.. easily, a typical TV series will last for about 45 mins. Just nice!! By using my Polar heart rate monitor, i ensure that i exercise at an optimal rate to lose weight (but not happening yet!). Anyway…

Currently am watching… The Shield Season 4 😀


Perfectly legal copy. Bought from Amoeba Music in Hollywood. 😀


The best place to buy music and movies!!

Recap back again.. what u need to workout more than 3 mins on a cardio machine:

  • DVD player (Portable of course)
  • Noise insulating earphones (noise cancellations will be the best)
  • DVD – Anything LEGAL will do..

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