Me… alone… and bored..

Today is my second day down in Chicago. Haven’t got time to actually go out and shoot anything for the fact that the weather has been really crap today (rained the whole day). On top of that I had a meeting since early morning all the way to about 3pm today. Since it was raining i decided to head over the Oak Brook Center – supposedly the biggest outdoor mall in the country (yah, i did said it rained!).

Anyway.. here’s where i stay..

Hyatt Header
Hyatt Name

He he.. yah, mcdonalds campus 😀

Anyway.. i gotta go to gym in about 10 mins time. It has been a long while since the last time i went to gym. Damn it. Am sure gained a few inches and kilos. Ha ha….. (while talking abt that.. )..

I had this… abt 1hr ago..



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