Bird Park OUTING!!!!

One fine sunday morning (which is today), i woke up and realised that my hands was is so painful to go climbing again, thus i decided to attached the 70-200 VR to my D200 and zoom to bird park :))

With my brains still struggling to wake up, and my eyes still feels like its 3am in the morning… i managed to reach bird park in less than 10 mins :p

Anyway i was not even thinking to stay long, just couple of minutes to errr… errr.. to hear the shutter sound.. 😀

Here’s the photos .. 😀 **crappy indeed**


Lil bit of cropping to get the bird to be on the center of the frame. He he.. 😀


No post processing done – so blardy lazy 😀


Errr.. some level adjustment done.. to give a bit of shiny look… err perhaps


¬ Obviously last photo.. lazy to process… so bird not in the center.. ha ha

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