Streets of Bangkok



Last week – I was in Bangkok for a business trip. I couldn’t resist but to bring my camera along. Just an hour or two of morning stroll, help to keep my workout in check.

This photo was taken along Sukhumvit during morning rush hour. Can see the person peddling around his goods that he will sell for the day. The two bike with shadow was taken to provide perspective for the shot. Looks pretty good to me. In fact, before post, the image is already underexposed. Intentionally because as we have the shadow, it allows a more striking view of the composition.

Chiang Mai – The Big Gallery


Going to Chiang Mai was an impulsive action where I wanted to take a break from all the craziness at work (not that crazy). I do believe that taking little breaks every now and then does give me some recharge (or not).

Also – this year is where I am taking a strategy to do more shooting and getting more holidays. In fact, I am trying to get into holiday once every month. Which means that I will be shooting more.. and spending hell a lot more money.

The following are the gallery of photos that I’ve taken in the 3 days 2 nights in Chiang Mai. In short – I must say, I like the place. Very nice indeed and I do plan to come here more often for my quick little breaks. The coffee is great indeed. And lets not bring up about, just absolutely awesome.