This photo was shot at 7.45 am, but it did felt early because I left my house when it was dark. This photo shows an uncle reading thru the newspaper while sipping his favourite cup of coffee.

Lala Seller

While walking towards the market complex, I bumped into this lady that’s selling clams. I did know what she was selling until I zoomed in the photo during post-processing.Compared to the other markets I’ve been to in other countries, we don’t have many of this “makeshift” stalls. Nevertheless, we should not discriminate them as there…


Another black and white photo from my recent shoot in Chow Kit market. This is a photo of a stall owner counting his inventory of the day. The time of shooting 7.21am. Still early but outside was still dark.

Bun Dau Shop – Fermented Shrimp Noodle

Another throwback weekend – where I am looking at my crossing bridges photo from back in 2006! The photo above is a shot from the road side where I took a photo of Bun Dau shop, which means (based on google as fermented shrimp noodle!). I never tried this dish, but what intrigues me is…