Hanoi – School Girls


After the trip to Sapa – I was obviously lazy and decided to not go Halong Bay and roam around Hanoi. The street shoot at that time wasn’t really fun. Not being a “street photographer” then, I was roaming around with a 70-200 and started shooting every damn thing that moved! Seriously.

Nowadays, when I do street shoot, the longest I carry is 35mm. Most of the time would be either 24mm or 28mm. Some instances, I will carry 21mm, but of course that is far more difficult to compose as it is very wide. In addition to that, my Leica will need an external viewfinder in order to compose 21mm. 24mm wasn’t so bad as I can just judge thru the original view finder.

Photo above, was shot from along the street. From the exif data, it was shot on 200mm, means that I was quite a distance away. Surprised to see the school girl can see me and looked at my camera. Not the best way to shoot to be honest!

#throwback My first presentation…

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I spent two years of my life in Taiping – MRSM Taiping to be exact. MRSM Taiping at that time runs Special Education Program or Program Khas Pendidikan (PKP). The program brings the best of the breed students from all around the country to one place. It always amazes me how smart are those people. Seen in this photo is me giving out a presentation on something. I don’t really remember what the topic was, but I do remember it was for a mini thesis that we had to do during school holidays. My team was smart (or dumb) enough to do it in english. Back then, we were limited to wordstar to do our typing – no fancy Microsoft Word and shit. I must say I have gone a long way since then.