Portraits from Hanoi


Another view of the portraits from Hanoi. This is one is and old guy. Shooting portraits is not difficult:

  1. Point your big guns
  2. Start shooting
  3. Pray that the person look at you

I was using D200 during my trip to Hanoi, thus it was at a crop factor of 1.5 which means that the longest range (200mm) is equivalent to 300mm on full frame. Which means that I am even further from the subject! Amazing.

Looking at my old photos, apart from putting a new round of flags on my old photos, but I also started to process the photo in a different way. If you ask me how I process photo, well – its different now and then. In fact, how I process really dependent on how I feel about the photo at that point of time. The same photo may look differently.

So here is a screenshot of the before and after

Below is another processing technique. In fact, this was taken from my old flickr side. I think it looks ok but it does not accentuate the character in the photo.

Old processing technique

Any – that’s all folks!

Throwback – Hanoi Archers


Another throwback post from my Hanoi trip back in 2006. I know it has 13 years but it is one of my most memorable trip as it was my first real holiday together with friends that I’ve never met. And a lot of those friends are my friends that I somewhat guilty of not contacting now. Facebook friends are not considered friends!

The beauty of doing a throwback post is that I started to relook back again at my old photos and see if there are any shots that I’ve missed. Honestly the shot above are all photos that I have never shortlisted. Quite amazing that by having a new look at it, I was able to choose it! In fact it does help with me using new techniques and technology to process it. The original colors are all off, but I guess when you are back from holiday, processing it is a chore, and looking at the awful colours, I would just reject it. I remember the days to be very cloudy, and with the D70 that I have, the white balance was really bad.