Aurum Cinema

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Today – I decided to go to watch a movie in the brand spanking new Aurum Cinema by GSC. I saw the advertisement for a couple of days ago and I decided to go and watch it. I thought they renovated the Gold Class but in fact, they completely transformed GSC Signature to Aurum Cinema. It was a huge transformation!

After you arrived, they will check your tickets and quickly you’ll be escorted to the dining area if you decide to dine first. Yes, the RM150 ticket comes with an Aurum pass which you will be entitled to a meal in Jin Gastrobar.

The Gastrobar looks posh. With dining tables and sofa for you to chill before the movie.

That was the “meal” that was provided. It was good. Very tasty. The menu is very limited now, but I presume that they will improve it over time.

The photo above shows the walkway towards the Gastrobar. I must say it is pretty cool. Check out the posters to the side.

The entrance to the suite. Confession – I actually watched the movie in Suite I but I was too lazy to walk back and take the picture. It looks the same.

The creme of the cinema. The seats (or is it a bed) itself. I must say, it was very comfortable. Reclining Getha bed with wireless remote control. Super comfy furry blanket to keep you warm. I was surprised that I did not fall asleep!

The side lamp has a dimming function, and those two round things are the remote control to call the attendants and the other is a wireless charger.

All in all, the experience was awesome. You are accompanied everywhere you go except when you are in the cinema. The service still needs to be improved but that will be in due time. Given that they just open, I bet it’ll improve.

I fully recommend this cinema for those long blockbuster movie. Probably not the short romantic comedy flick unless you plan to impress your friend.

So – should I watch The Last Jedi here?

Gone Girl

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Due to my mishap two weeks ago, I pretty much forced to be “bedridden”. There’s not much I can do except for watching TV, surfing as stuffs like that. This morning I decided to watch the movie title Gone Girl.



I must say the movie is pretty damn good, and pretty damn sick too. Watch the trailer here:

Two main actors are Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. The question is – do you know who exactly your partner is? Do you know their secrets? Do you really really know them?

The movie is so fudged up! Its a drama about a husband(Nick) who one day came back and realized that the the wife(Amy) missing. Everybody is like hated him and accused him of murdering the wife. On the contrary, the wife crafted an evil meticulous plan to disappear with the objective to get Nick to be convicted of murder. The reason is that she found out that Nick cheated on her with a pretty young girl. But as it progressed, Amy encountered some issues and had to change her plan. Man – she is really crazy….

My verdict – the movie is pretty damn good, and scary too. A must watch..