Orang Asli Kids


Another orang Asli photo. Heavily processed from the one that I capture. Now that I know roughly the white balance to be used for Taman Negara, I felt that there are quite a number of photos which can be used. The exposure for this photo is shit, just look at the backlighting. Causes the faces to be under exposed.

Below is the fascinating view of how I processed the photo. Quite a bit of processing. Mostly – adjusting the levels, lights, white balance… radial gradient to expose more of the faces. Not really sure if this works, but definitely better than the original!

Throwback – Hanoi


I am now just doing stack-pick-reject and later rate of the photos that I took during Crossing Bridges in Hanoi. Honestly, I am surprised at the number of photos that I discovered but never bother choosing back then. My goal is to share the photo on this platform to show how bad or good my shooting was back then. This was more than 10 years ago and I wonder how the people that I shoot look like now. This photo is taken in a village somewhere in Hanoi (if I am not mistaken). Back then, it was very hard to have GPS location on the photo, so I wouldn’t know where it is. I tried to hook up devices and all, but it’s just too troublesome. Stark different from how it is now.

Throwback – Hanoi Archers


Another throwback post from my Hanoi trip back in 2006. I know it has 13 years but it is one of my most memorable trip as it was my first real holiday together with friends that I’ve never met. And a lot of those friends are my friends that I somewhat guilty of not contacting now. Facebook friends are not considered friends!

The beauty of doing a throwback post is that I started to relook back again at my old photos and see if there are any shots that I’ve missed. Honestly the shot above are all photos that I have never shortlisted. Quite amazing that by having a new look at it, I was able to choose it! In fact it does help with me using new techniques and technology to process it. The original colors are all off, but I guess when you are back from holiday, processing it is a chore, and looking at the awful colours, I would just reject it. I remember the days to be very cloudy, and with the D70 that I have, the white balance was really bad.