Looking for a new place

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I have been a resident of my current place for more than 14 years. Probably bordering 15 years. Honestly this place in Damansara Perdana is super awesome. There were times that I felt I needed to move out but after a while that feeling just dies off. Partly because I am so comfortable.
There are quite a number of reasons why I needed to move out:
The condo is falling apart. Seriously there are cracks that I don’t want to see.

  1. The lift is perpetually hanging on its lifeline. One out of three lifts are dead.
  2. The parking is way too low for my defender.
  3. A highway is coming up in front of my house. Gosh.

For item 3 – there have been a lot of news about DASH – which is the highway that will cut thru from Damansara Perdana all the way to Shah Alam. As much as I hate the fact that they are building a highway in front of my current house, but I recognise that this a fact of life in development will continue forever and ever.


I have narrowed down a few options but I am not sure yet. From areas perspective – probably in the region of Damansara Heights or Kenny Hills. Damn atas I must say. Didn’t quite like Mont Kiara because it’s too congested to my knowledge. I do have a lot of friends who stays there and I supposed they got used to it. Now it takes me about 30 mins to get to office from home in the morning and in the evening. If I do stay in Mont Kiara, it probably going to take me much longer (lol).
Buying a new property is not something that can be taken lightly. I have not bought any property to stay in a long time, and I guess this time I need to do properly. I don’t mind buying a second hand property because by doing that I know that the property mechanics is something that is manageable. Well – for apartment especially, a new apartment may be nice, but in actual fact staying in a less populated apartment may be a bit daunting. I still remember when I was staying in my apartment for the first time. Being one of the few tenants that actually moved in after receiving the key, it was very creepy!

Seriously. Then again, an old apartment will have its own fair share of issue. The things that I spoke about like dying lifts, cracked walls and who knows burst pipes. Lets see, I have so many things to consider.

Here are my view or criteria or my next place:
1. It needs to be closer to the city (where I work)
2. It needs to have a balcony at the living room
3. It needs to be bigger than where I am staying (lol)
4. It needs to have a bigger kitchen
5. It needs to be able to fit a big dining table

Seems like I just want something bigger. Well I think I just want something in which I can entertain people. I do enjoy cooking and all, but having a small place is very prohibitive in getting people to come over to my place to have a nice dinner. If I can fit a dining table for 10-12 will be awesome. Not to the extent of parties and such, but just a nice evening with family and friends to come over.

Of course my criteria will mean that it will be an expensive affair, but sometimes you need to spend money on your place because you spend more time in your place than in your office (this is true for my new job). I will still ponder. Anyway – I do have about 6 months to work thru the details and choose the place of my liking before I am able to buy. I am really looking forward to tap on my staff loan where the rates are pretty good. Much better than commercial rates out there. Lets see.

Till next week 🙂