Design Thinking – Something new that I learned

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I have been waking up very early in the past couple of months. Rejuvenating the lifestyle that I was accustomed too. And during this early hours – there are few things that I would do:

  1. Organize my day
  2. Clear my high priority tasks
  3. Learn something

These 3 items are done before I head to the gym to do and complete my workout. This is very similar to Miracle Morning. I am fortunate that the firm that I work for provides a comprehensive learning platform that allowed me to learn at my own pace. This is not inclusive of classroom training. What’s more awesome is that the training is tailored to my career and it is a combination of both materials that I can get off the web and internals. This is particularly relevant as the world becomes more digital.

The topic that was put in my learning path is “Design Thinking”. Never knew that this existed. I have been having the same thought process and has pursued my client to follow the same way. It’s just that I felt that I was probably one of the few who thought that people should think in this way while embracing the digital world. After looking thru this topic – I felt awesome (…. Until shit hit the fence the same day!).

Design Thinking is similar to agile, but instead of having sprints of development – it is about having sprints of prototyping and realizing ideas. This is very much like the whole concept of “start fast, fail fast…”. What’s the beauty about this is that it helped people to look at different ideas and work on it, until you find that one idea that’s cool. There are so many resources out there on the web. Just google design thinking and you are bound to see endless amount of resources.

In fact, there’s this video that I watched on YouTube that relates the principle of design thinking to Isabel Brunel. Go figure out who the person is. The video is below:


This is the new way of doing things, I have 256 pager document that I need to read. Comes from a company that was acquired by the firm. They specialized on these things, as such it is important that I read it, and embrace it in my daily work with the client. Not going to be easy though!