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That I actually do a lot of phone calls. Recently, I got a new phone – an android phone to be exact, and what it can do is to track the amount of calls, sms and data that I used on a monthly basis.

So far, I’ve been using it for about four days and it seems like I don’t actually use a lot of mobile data. Up to today, only about 100MB roughly. And for calls, surprisingly I do use a lot of it.

In fact, in the past five days or so, I have made a total of about 360 minutes of calls which translates to 6 hours!

That is just super amazing!


my calls!

Quite crazy really. Considering the fact that my phone bill is less than 100 bucks a month, it’s just mind boggling.

Let’s see if I can tally this to my bill next month. All you know, perhaps this month is the month that I used the phone the. Lst!

Maybe it’s time to change something new…

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Nokia Communicator E90

O2 Mini

Nokia 3210

It has been a while since the last time i changed OS for my phone. In the past, I have used many types of OSes including:

  • Dumb phones (like the picture above!)
  • Windows Phone (6.5 and below..) – O2 Mini
  • Symbian – thru Nokia Communicator E90 (look above too!)
  • iOS (from the first iPhone to iPhone 4 – maybe not iPhone 4s)
  • Google Android (not as refined as iPhone so screw it)

I pretty much happy with most of the OSes except for Windows Phone – it was slow, clunky and was just not my type. But then again, given where they were – Windows Phone was pretty advanced then. The nearest competitor at that time was probably Palm Treo – but Palm Treo didn’t look cool (never thought QWERTY keyboard would be a good thing!). Touch screen seems to be the in thing.

Nokia Communicator E90 is definitely a good phone. Full of functionality and plus – it gives me the opportunity to try out push-emails! For the first time, using an E series – I have access to Nokia’s Mail for Exchange capability. It was awesome! But it definitely somewhat “took too much” of my life because I was perpetually at work. Replying email like’s nobody’s business. But the again, somebody – somewhat – somehow will need to pay for the cost of my expensive purchases. Nokia Communicator E90 was so bloody expensive! I think the phone itself cost about RM3500 at the point of purchase!. Anyway – that was the good old days. In fact, I think I did not sell my E90. I should go dig thru my treasure chest and perhaps will find E90 some there. Maybe it can still work!

Blackberry Revolution…

After using pretty much a lot of phones – then finally I changed to Blackberry. It took me a long time move to Blackberry as the change was driven by the corporate direction. The management of my previous company decided to adopt Blackberry – and purchase Blackberry Enterprise Server for the management team! It was awesome. My first phone was a Blackberry 8700.

My life – again was never the same again. Over the top messaging seems to be the future! No more SMSes (hardly) and BBM really rocks (then… of course). Email was coming in faster as ever! Roaming cost was much lower as the data was compressed by RIM servers… but… but… the hardware looks dated. From that 8700 – I have changed to something like 4 blackberries, Blackberry torch 9800 being the latest one. Lousy piece of hardware – but still have all the functionality of Blackberry. In fact – soon I will probably ditch it and go ahead with Apple… or … Windows Phone.

Apple iPhone

Moving back to Accenture – was a sign that i needed to look at things differently! One of it is of course with regards to workforce mobility. In Accenture – access to emails via Blackberry is only allowed to a certain levels. People like me can only use the following platforms to get connectivity to Exchange:

  • Apple
  • Windows
  • Android

Naturally – being an iPhone user, I immediately moved my main number to Apple and shifted my somewhat backup but nice number to Blackberry. The initial migration was tough – as I was not very used to using iPhone as an email reader. But – thank god for the good keyboard, I finally gotten used to it and since then been using it.

Moving Forward..

Well, it’s probably time for me to change OS again. The target – Windows Phone Mango! Why??

Because i can!

He he!

Nokia Lumia 800

Looks damn good liao. Seriously – since it’s based on Nokia N9, i must say the hardware looks sexier than iPhone. Thin, light and nice screen. Resolution is definitely not as good as the iPhone Retina display – but sometimes – who cares about it. The question is of course whether I can get used to Windows Phone Mango. I have tried typing on it – i like! I really like the suggestions that comes out above the keyboard, rather than the auto-correct on iPhone.

I also love the metro look and feel. It’s clean and very informative, in comparison to iPhone Notification center (which is pretty new!). Well – time will tell when I can get my hands on this. At this point time, I’ll keep it in my dreams and maybe – one fine day when it’s out I’ll have a look and decide!

He he… here is a video of how they made Lumia 800…


Yahoo Messenger Coming to iPhone (With 3G Video Calls)

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videochatFew months ago, Apple launched iPhone 4 together with a striking new feature called Facetime. Facetime is a WIFI-based feature that will vdeo allow calls to be made between two iPhones (and later iPod touch). In order to support these feature, the new iPhone 4 and iPod Touch now comes with a front camera

Facetime quality is definitely excellent, but the problem is – its not as mobile as what people want it to be. It only supports wifi. In addition to that, Facetime can only work with another Facetime client. Until there are more clients for Facetime, I think this feature will just be a hype.

Riding on the wave of mobile video calls – are Yahoo Messenger. They have announced that the new version of iPhone-based Yahoo Messenger (and Android too) will come with 3G video call feature. This new feature will allow the user to interact with anybody who is using


Yahoo Messenger. Hence you get an agnostic solution to a simple problem Open-mouthed smile

I would definitely be looking forward for this new functionality, as I think video call is the way of the future, and inter-operatability is direction moving forward. In fact, if we look at video conference providers, all of them focus on the same standard which is H.323 to enable different software and hardware to talk to each other. Find the app at, which will keep you connected to your loved ones around the world!

I am so looking forward for this functionality. I do hope Yahoo will come out with a quality app for the iPhone. Hey man, not just it can do video call across different platforms, but it can also work on 3G!

Woo hoo..!

Android is actually quite good

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I must say after trying out the android phone, I can safely say that there has been a lot of thoughts put into it. The interface is very nice, not a good as iPhone. But its very much better than the windows mobile phones.

Deep integration with Google’s own products such as Google search, Google maps and Google talk does provide a significant advantage against its competitors.

In fact, their integration to social media platforms also makes it a very yummy phone.

All in all, the most important bit is the interface is snappy and requires hardly any brain power to master.