As much as the Leica M Monochrom is a great camera with superb dynamic range. It won’t be able to defy the basics of digital photography. The top right hand corner of the photo is way over blown. I screwed up on the exposure. I should have been smart enough to average out the exposure…


Another one of my Chow Kit photo. Blurry as hell but I do like the composition. The guy was staring at me for a good five minutes after he had his puff! No choice, but I guess shoot him 🙂 He then moved away. So happen there was a bike there 😀

My Editing Workflow

I thought today I wanted to share my editing workflow. I’ve changed my workflow many times, and this is my latest workflow. As I generally shoot black and white now, the workflow is far more straightforward as I don’t need to worry about colours. Please ignore the number of photos that I have because I…

Sundry Shop

… Another photo from Chow Kit Market. Its blurry but I guess technology helps!


Another shot from Chow Kit


Another take on Pharmacy. I took this photo before in my previous trip.

My stall

Another photo from my Chow Kit shoot. A stall owner 🙂 To be fair – the photo is blurry. Tried using Photoshop to remove the shake, but as they say, once its blur – it’ll always be blur!


Another black and white photo from my recent shoot in Chow Kit market. This is a photo of a stall owner counting his inventory of the day. The time of shooting 7.21am. Still early but outside was still dark.

Nasi Lemak Choices

Nasi Lemak is a decadent breakfast that usually served for breakfast. A serving of Nasi Lemak can go up to 1000 calories, depending on the choice of “lauk”. I made a trip to Chow Kit market to test out the new camera. The first thing that I saw next to my car was a Nasi…

Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah

I made a random trip to Kuala Terengganu this weekend because I needed a break. It’s a short trip. I still have not decided (today is the 2nd day) whether I want to extend another day or go back tomorrow. The photo above is shot after I reached Kuala Terengganu (KT). Drove to the mosque…

Revisit: Noodle Maker

Last Sunday, I decided to make a trip to the Chow Kit market. The place somewhat changed as the slaughter area has been demolished. Here is a teaser of a set that I will share later part of the week. Shot on Leica M Monochrom with 24mm Lux

Tokyo Metro

Another take… looks better in black and white