Another view of Shwedagon Pagoda


Thought of sharing another view of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. It is a pretty but I do need to revisit this place. The scaffolding is distracting the pagoda. It looks OK from far, but from near – hmmm.

This was the original post that I shared earlier:


Other shots of the Pagoda is as follows:


The shot above is long exposure to remove the crowd. 125 seconds exposure. Some post processing is required as the dreamy look is not something that I was looking for. In addition to that, I do see some patches which I have no idea why. It doesn’t impact a lot of my photos so I will leave it for now.


A photo of an old lady lighting up the candle surrounding the pagoda.

Not my usual shot, but I thought I should share. Night views should not be with empty skies!



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During last Saturday shoot – again, posting some of best shots of the day. Purely using 35mm. 35mm walkabout is something that I am not comfortable but I do want to push myself to use it. No doubt, its much easier to use 35mm to shoot but I feel so disconnected with it.

What I like about 35mm – I can quickly take this shot within 1 second (provided that I my camera is on standby). As 35mm is the same frame as our eyes, it is literally look and shoot. By having a pre-composed image in my brain, the whole process is so fast. Unlike a 21mm or 24mm where there are a lot more of area that you need to process in the composition before you can press the trigger 🙂



Forcing myself to use a 35mm lens during last Saturday street shoot. For the past couple of years – I’ve been training myself to use a wide angle lens. From the last few posts – you can see that most of my photos are very wide. That’s because I use either a 21mm or 24mm lens. To be – its easier to tell a story with a wide lens. Because of that – my 35mm and 50mm lenses are hardly used. So – for last Saturday, its a forced thing and I can feel that I am really uncomfortable but honestly it was so much easier to shoot 🙂 Since 35mm is really the frame that my eyes see.


The photo above shows a street cobbler not far from Petaling Street.