Keto Diet


This is my day 6 of my reboot. The idea of the reboot is to try out the new diet that I discovered over the internet. I do have some reservations about it but there’s no harm giving it a try. It’s called Keto Diet.

Support Group

An acquaintance of mine – Johan Sopiee started a group on Facebook called Keto Malaysia and that seems to be getting quite a lot of grounds. And after reading thru the posts that he made, and subsequently I requested to join. Reading thru and making my research for about a week or so, I decided to jump onto the bandwagon.

The group has been good in giving advice to beginners like me. One think that I notice is that the diet is no different from the other diet that I have tried in the past. The key to success is patience and perseverance. Which translates to discipline.

Principle of Keto

The principle is very simple:

  • Eat your macros in the following ratio carbs:protein:fats 5%:25%:70%. There are other more aggressive ratios but it would not run much from it.
  • Eat only things you can eat, and avoid things that you can’t. I’ve not been so discipline in this because I wanted to adapt to what I like to eat, but still follow the macros.
  • Go thru a strict 5 weeks phase, followed by more of a stable phase. I still have no clue but just going thru this as I go on.

Photos are taken from and Keto Malaysia Facebook Group


To be honest, for the past 5 days, I have lost more than 3kg. But I suspect a lot of it due to the water retention (Maybe? Maybe not?). But from waist perspective I have reduced by about 1.5 inches. Not bad at all. I am going to try this for 5 weeks and see if there are any significant results.

In order to know whether you are in the ketosis zone – I also bought two bottles of ketone strips. Based on the check earlier this morning, I am still in the ketosis zone. Well my food has been pretty good lately. I have not cheated except for on Thursday where I took a small piece of Irvings Salted Egg Potato Chips. How can you resist this!

Side Effects

Oh dear. As I have been walking almost on daily basis at Arboretum, I do feel like I am not as energetic as before. More when I don’t eat much. See the problem with this diet is that most of the calories comes from protein and fat. I am not so used of eating too much fat – so its a change. I am still a bit scared given that I am not in the healthiest position now! The last thing that I want is to get heart attack in the middle of an aggressive diet.

Anyway – I am balancing out the need for protein versus fat. Making it into a lot more of Atkins versus Keto. As long as I am in the ketosis mode, I am pretty ok.

The other challenge that I have is that in order to adapt to the new diet, I am supposed to up my intake of sodium, which is a complete opposite of what I am supposed to do which is to not take as much salt. In fact my maximum salt intake per day should be in the region of 1500mg. This is following the DASH diet guideline.

I am going to take a checkpoint on a weekly basis and see if its successful. I am hoping that it is, at least if I don’t lose as much weight as I would expect, the key thing that I also wanted is to get into a diet regime that help me build perseverance and patience. The 364 days project that I had earlier went bust after I travelled to Australia. Gosh. It was a good 2 months if I am not wrong, but from results perspective, I am 5 days in and I am halfway reaching back to the lowest I’ve been! I project that next weekend I should be able to reach my lowest point with project 364 days.

How far will I take this

Well I am going to take this as far as I can. It is important for me to resolve my blood pressure issue that is in my mind. I so far do not have any diabetes nor any other known issues. I do suspect that I may have some clogged arteries, given my lifestyle in the past years. I am going ahead with a healthy regime for the next 12 months, and taking a check in the middle to make sure that I have improved on some of my points. Though I am considering to go for a stress test a bit earlier, but still thinking…. Need to think.

Lets see….

Restart – Reboot – Reset

Fun Posts

First before anything – first update would be on the BP issue. Realised that I took my reading wrongly. And now there are some improvements. I need to keep going to keep it in check. Need to continue to cut down on salt and lose weight.

On the point of losing weight, I know at the start of the year I started the #project364days but I guess that went down the drain. However, I did lose approximately about 14kg and now I need to figure out what to do next.

In the past couple of weeks – I’ve been considering going aggressive and try out Atkins/Keto type diet to really shock the system. Despite the fact that slow burn is the best, my personality doesn’t seem to be working well as I tend to drop off the bandwagon quite quickly. I need to focus on something that’s solid, very regimented and something that I can follow to the teeth. There are a lot of changes that need to make but I guess in order to accelerate, I need to make hard changes and then taper down to a stable pace.

In total – I have about 60kg to lose as of to date. That’s pretty a lot. Not a simple task, but with perseverance – I am quite sure I can achieve this. Today would be the first day for me to try out this, and I will keep tabs on this and make sure that I can reach what I want to achieve in another 364 days. Not going to be easy.

Few things about this “new” diet,

  1. Focus on super low carbs
  2. Get into ketosis zone (need to get some Keto strip)
  3. Drink a lot of water. At least 3L a day.
  4. Regular exercise.

I’ve seen people who lost 20kg even on the first month. I doubt I would be able to get down to that. In fact – the first 5 weeks is the most important and I am hoping that I can achieve it.

Plan for today Day 0

  1. Breakfast – skip!
  2. Lunch – salad at subway
  3. Dinner – chicken and vegetables.

As I am also trying to reduce my BP, for the first five weeks it is going to be challenging because I will be skipping direct salt. Must also reduce water retention. So skip everything.

For now – no cheat meal has been planned. But let’s focus on getting thru the first 5 weeks and decide where I want to head to next. Going to be an amazing journey. Wish me luck!

Visit to Kuala Sepetang

Photography, Travel

Last weekend I did a trip to Kuala Sepetang because I thought I wanted to eat cockle. The last trip I did to Kuala Sepetang was couple of weeks ago in which I went for motorcycle trip up north to Penang. A friend of mine introduce me to this place called Restoran Tepi Sungai (Restaurant By The River).

The restaurant it self is on a platform above the river mouth, along the mangrove coast of Kuala Sepetang or better known as Port Weld. It was a short trip and I did not do any food photography. It was mainly a food trip to eat dinner. I did however took a few pictures when I was walking out of the restaurant. One of these days I should make a trip there and go for some street shooting. It does look like a nice place to shoot.

Here are some photos that I took…

The location of Kuala Sepetang is as follows, click on the link to head over there!

The other stuffs thats famous there are charcoal factory and prawn mee. Which I’ve never been to both!

It has been more than a month


Since I crossed the borderline. Initially, the knee jerk reaction has helped as I quickly changed my diet and ate medication. The BP went down quite significantly, and I believe medication helped. But I guess – I quickly somewhat went back to what I normally do. I need to be extremely careful in this, as long term crossing the borderline will mean that I will be at an extremely high risk of heart attack and stroke! This is crazy.

Few key things that needs to be changed immediately:

  1. Regular exercises – this has started. I have a daily exercise regime that consists of walking up arboretum. It has been quite successful. In fact, by doing this I was able to reduce some weight. Very successful indeed.
  2. Reduced Salt Intake – this is where I failed. In the past couple of weeks, I have been neglecting my diet. I need to go back at eating raw food, mainly salad and low salt food. Water retention causes more fluid in the blood and causes blood pressure to go up.
  3. Greens and Fruits – same goes for item 2, starting tomorrow my diet will be more of these two things. In fact, I intend to completely cook on my own for the next one week and will skip the salt. Completely. I need to take drastic measure and see whether there’s impact to my BP.

I am hoping that I am able to bring this under control. It has been a month and changes is too minimal and I am not yet off the danger zone. Seriously. Time to push hard, push very hard.