Jobless in Japan – Day 10. Hiroshima


This is my fourth city after Nagano, Kyoto, Kagoshima and Nagasaki of my jobless south tour of Japan. The way the route was designed is to go as far as I can first (long train journeys) and then move to shorter ones. In fact – after looking at the last 4 cities. It may not be a bad idea to have long travels on the train as long as those are Shinkansen.

According to Wiki – Japanese: çiɾoɕima) is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture and the largest city in the Chūgoku region of western Honshu – the largest island of Japan. Hiroshima, a name meaning “Broad Island”, gained city status on April 1, 1889. On April 1, 1980, Hiroshima became a designated city. As of August 2016, the city has an estimated population of 1,196,274. The gross domestic product (GDP) in Greater Hiroshima, Hiroshima Urban Employment Area, is US$61.3 billion as of 2010. This is 1/5 of Malaysia with 1/30 of the population!!!

Jobless in Japan – Day 8/9 – Nagasaki and Gunkanjima


Today is day 8-9 and I have surpassed a third of my jobless holiday. It has been great to be honest. Despite having withdrawal symptoms – I am feeling better now. To have time to think about life. Two things in my mind for sure – I wish I had travelled more when I was younger and I am wish I am much fitter. Not that current fitness level is stopping me for doing anything, but being fitter will allow me to do more!

Back to My holiday. Nagasaki is a port town. Back during the Shogunate era, Nagasaki is the only port that was opened to foreigners. In fact only to the Dutch. That’s why when you walk around Nagasaki – you do see a lot of Dutch influences. This is way before the English and American started coming.

Observing how the population works, I think the town is more of a trading town. There are not much of professionals around (like bankers and such). Well this could be because I am not staying at the posh area.

During my visit here, there were two major things that I visited and learnt. Gunkanjima(or Hashima) and Atomic Bomb.


Coffee Rant: Jobless Reflection

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It has been about a 10 days since I last left my previous job. I must say the job that I had was really demanding and took a lot from me. I spent day and night on the job. Even though I might not be looking at the laptop, my brain were constantly thinking and my eyes were glued to my phone.

Fast forward 10 days, I don’t have any emails to check, no task to think, no nothing. I do feel some sort of emptiness because I don’t have an objective to achieve. Which is why I started blogging again. In my current travel – my production rate is quite good in which my photos and videos were out about +1 day!

During this time when I am not occupied with work, I am thinking on what would I do in my next gig. It will not be easy as I have not been in that industry before. But to me – in order for me to be successful, I need to get out of my comfort zone and do something new. Despite the fact that my previous job is hard, I am actually pretty good at it and I very comfortable on the things that I do. So much so that I am in control of a lot of the parameters.

In the new gig – completely new industry, new colleagues, new bosses. Am I ready? Well now obviously no – but in about a month time I am sure I am.

I now need to decide on how I want to shape my thinking and personality for the new role. It is going to be a huge challenge but I want to make it big. It is an organization that is known to be hard but if you do well it’ll be rewarding.

In addition to reflecting on my role, I also need to reflect on my responsibility towards my health and well being. I know in my previous role I have been neglecting quite a bit of my health. I am now in the process of reversing it and hoping that with more bandwidth that I have in my new job, I would be able to make it better (or rather certainly).

So in summary, here are my thoughts on my jobless reflection:

  1. Looking forward for a new challenge in an uncomfortable position.
  2. Looking at better me(health and well being) with the new found bandwidth (hopefully).

Let’s see…:

Day 6/7 – Jobless in Japan : Exploring Kagoshima and Sakurajima

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Kagoshima is the furthest point that I am going in this trip. The strategy that I am employing is to go to the furthest point during the initial part of the trip (i.e. 3-4 hours train rides) and then followed by shorter train ride as I move back to Tokyo. Though this is the furthest point, it is not halfway point. Halfway point is planned to be in Osaka which is towards the end of next week, where I will spend approximately 2 days – just enough for two rounds of Endo Sushi (yes – it is a reason to go to Osaka) and scallops at Kuromon Market!



Kagoshima is a a port city, it is nearer to South Korea than to Tokyo. In fact, the weather in Kagoshima is an opposite reflection of the weather in Nagano. Few days ago – I was trekking in cold winter and now – it felt like I am in spring. The weather is approximately about 12-15 degrees Celsius. Pretty nice if you ask me.

The train ride here from Kyoto is quite long. It took more than 4 hours and required a switch of train in Shin-Kobe. As it is still a Sakura Shinkansen – there was no need to switch platform. Just need to change train. The following map shows the route that I took from Kyoto to Kagoshima:

Day 5 – Jobless in Japan: Exploring Kyoto

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This is Day 5 of my jobless trip to Japan. I have been bumming around for 1 week and the withdrawal syndrome is really catching up on me. The typical me will be trying to check on my email every 2.5 seconds or so, but given that I have quit from my current job, I don’t really have an email to check. In reality, I do have my previous work email but as I am on a long leave before my last official day, I should not be checking on my email as I do not want to do any work outside of my jurisdiction 🙂

Today – is about taking it easy. Rather than going round and round, today is about chilling, finding local food and wasting time. In fact – I think I only got out of the hotel about 10+ (excluding my usual morning walk). The objective today is head to the market and makan!