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Earlier this year – I made the decision to travel. In the past couple of years, I’ve been pushing more travelling because of my high stress work environment. Finally – after many years of working extremely hard (allegedly), I decided to pull the plug to move on to a better environment. Sometimes – we have to make drastic actions. I made the move out of consulting and got into banking. Life I must say is much more relaxing now, lot less stress compared to before.

Before I moved on to greener pasture, I took a month off and decided to travel to Japan for 1 month. It was one of the best adventure that I ever had in my life. Travelling without the the need to think about work is probably the best thing ever. And now, 4 months on – I am feeling the itch to travel. Where should I go?



In the past, when I travel, I always got stuck with email from back home, and had to attend few conference calls as needed. Finally – as I left my job I managed to leave all that in the past and just focus on travelling. I do wish I took a longer leave but I didn’t want to leave work too long. With much more leave, I should be able to travel more! With banking – there’s a compulsory block leave that I must take, as such I will travel more this year.

Can see from the above – I was so happy. Making idiot poses to be honest! Question is – where should I go. I do have about 23 days of leave this year and I do intend to take all the leave! I must.

I am thinking of Morocco? Good choice?


Hanoi Portraits



#Writing Challenge – 2/30

This is definitely one of the best portrait that I have captured ever. I think I have posted this portrait a few times in my blog, but I guess it worth mentioning again. It reminds how much I love photography back then. I have since put my camera down and have not been shooting much. I have been thinking so much in the past couple of months whether I should start going back to photography. It definitely gives me a sense of purpose especially during the weekends. And will also help me to do see more new things especially during my rides.

The photo above was captured during my trip to Hanoi as part of Crossing Bridges. It was the second Crossing Bridges ever. I was supposed to go to the first one but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to pull out. Again – I have since not gone to much Crossing Bridges. The last one was in Padang. I do hope that I am able to go this year.


Writing Inconsistently

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Honestly – I have not been writing on this blog consistently. If I was to look at the things that I write this year, it has not been much really. Honestly – I do want to write more but I always find myself not having the idea or the content to write. Like this posting – it seems that I am just writing because I wanted to write something.

This year alone – I have been posting different topics, from the start in which posted on my 1 month holiday, then as I moved into banking, I started to post things on financial services concepts then after that it just died.

Question – do I have the time to write? Yes I do but I have been slacking and spending too much time on TV rather than doing things that I should be doing to help me, which reading and writing.

I am not sure what I can do to push me to write more, not that I am any better in writing, but writing more will allow me to see what are the areas I can improve. I do want to do a lot of things in life, but writing seems to be one of the hardest. I have run this blog for the longest time, where my first post can be sighted as a early as February 2005! That’s almost a good 13 years. Damn.

So – again I am coming out with a challenge for me to write on a topic for 30 days straight, can I do it? I am not sure actually – but I guess its fun to try something new.


Blast from the past – a photo of me back in 2005, Taman Negara.