Risk Management Functions

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Another one of my learning infographics. As a continuation from the previous posting on Bank Risks – this is the risk management functions that are created to look at all the risks under a bank. They are a very important aspect of the banking operations because as the institution is a highly regulated entity, it is important to ensure that all the risks are managed. Though the compliance to regulators are generally handled by Compliance Department, they work closely hand in hand as the risk aspects of the compliance are provided by Risk Management.


Main Bank Risks

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As part of my learning journey in banking – suddenly today I felt like doing some infographics of what I learn today. I know that I have not been writing much nor that I have been reading much on banking. Partly because I am extremely busy lately with work, and most of the times when I get home I just feel like sleeping.

I need to continue to write on this blog. First because I have paid for the hosting, but second it is a medium in which I can use to share what I have learnt. And yes – today I did learn about bank risks. Though I am not part of the core banking operations as part of my job, it is important that I know how risks play a role in the operations of a bank. Who knows – I might just get into the core banking operations of a bank sometime… sometime soon 🙂

Its a new week

Fun Posts

I am sometimes think that I am very good at one thing – which is “hot-hot chicken shit”. I will push hard on doing certain things, and when I felt bored, I will just let it go! It is amazing to be honest that I can do such things. There has been so many instances in life that I continue to do it, and there will be a time when I want to dive into the thing again, and I will get back to it. Haih. Sometimes it does cost me a lot of money.

pexels-photo-842554.jpegHonestly – I do have a lot of things in my mind. In fact there are problems in life that I have and I continuously  push it aside by putting on a different focus. Well it does work. Just that when I start to be excited about certain things – I just go all the way. So far – I have not had such episode, but I need to manage it. Maybe because lately I’ve been enjoying the work that I do thus the focus has been about work.


I do what to get back to photography – but I am delaying it because I don’t spend too much money if I cannot decide to commit to it. Yes I do have an excellent camera but to be able to do some great photography – I need one with an interchangeable lens. I know I will fall back to a street photography which is what my current camera is for, but there are times when you wish you have a better camera. But lets see. I do have time.

Some of my neglected interest is sketching. I do like sketching to be honest, but because of my failing eyesight, I tend to just put it aside because its very hard for me to draw without wearing reading glasses (yes I do have one).


Details details!

With my new job – I guess I do have a lot of time with me now. Yes – a lot of time. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been catching up with a lot of my old colleagues and friends. Some are because they asking me for advice and some is just a catchup.. gossip and such. It has been great. But I need to find some sort of a pace in which I have a good balance of what I want to do.

There are few things on my head now:

  1. I want to write more (on this blog of course).
  2. I want to draw (yes yes)
  3. I want to read – and finish off my book on banking
  4. I want to run more (yes I do run at times when my feet doesn’t kill me)
  5. I want to play more golf (time to get back to the greens!)

See there are so many things. Writing, reading and draw can be done at any time. I can do it before I go to sleep whilst run and golf will need to be a bit more planning because I need to bring my set and stuffs to work. The good things is of course run and golf place that I go to – I can charge my car (yes I do have a plug in hybrid).

I haven’t got time to blog about that, but I will certainly do that. Now its the second week that I am using the car. A lot of the issues has been resolved but I certainly still getting use to the car.


I need to write more. Seriously. Its more fun to write, it some sort of meditating to be honest.