First Post on Maxwell Hill!!

It has been a long while since i actually been processing my photos. Partly coz i was busy with work, but mainly, i kinda reformatted my PC, and didn’t really properly set up lar.. he he..

But its okay, its all good, and i have restarted my post processing work… damn… there’s a lot of photos in queue!!!

This photo is from maxwell hill, errr… more of the foot of maxwell hill. He he..

Stream At Maxwell Hill


Grumpy – Holding On

Grumpy - Holding On

😀 😀 😀

Well, the trip to terengganu was definitely much more fun that we would expected it to be, especially with the presence of our “model”, grumpy. I probably have taken like 50 photos of grumpy during the monsoon trip.


Faces of Kuala Terengganu Part 2 – Kids


And again, this is the 2nd posting of the day 🙂 Maybe i am into my posting mode now… or rather post processing mode.

The photos above shows the kids which are kinda photogenic, keep on smiling when i pointed my 70-200 VR lenses towards them.

The shot above was taken at Pasar Besar.


Faces of Kuala Terengganu Part 1

Pak Cik At Pasar Besar

Well, it has been a long while since i actually posted anything to my new blog. Partly because i am exteremely busy – but really, i am in the midst of converting myself to another platform alltogether.

When i was in terengganu, i was so fascinated with different expressions and reactions of the people of the state. Coming from the city, its very unusual for me to see such friendly faces that would love to get their photos taken.

This photo above is a photo of a “pakcik” (uncle in english), which i shot while doing street shooting in the area near Pasar Besar.

I shall continue with my series of “Faces Of Kuala Terengganu” whenever I have time to process the photos.



Its amazing that since the existence of computers, we – human hardly go back to basics to do our writings. Microsoft Word, Photoshops, Wordpad are some of the tools that we used to produce brilliant journals and documents.

Sometimes, trying out different methods of writing is fun… he he..

Alternative Writing


Trip to Kuala Terengganu!

Last weekend me and couple of friends drove over to Kuala Terengganu to witness the first Monsoon Cup 🙂

The first photo that i will be posting is the Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah. It’s basically the first landmark in Kuala Terengganu that you will see once u reach the town.

I was lucky, coz during the whole trip – there was not much rain, and we could see blue skies!!! 😀

Floating Mosque



Now is very late.. as usual, i will always sleep early.. so that i can wake up very early. But today it seems that i woke up very late… 8pm to be exact. Maybe coz i had dinner with my friend yesterday at Souled Out, some carbonara and nachos.. enuff to make me doze off for a bit longer.

As any other day, I start off with a rigorous gym workout, a standard 30 mins stepper ride, and then a set of 3 circuits 🙂 Never felt better after that. Today is a slight change in my schedule, i went to maybank to deposit some cheques… 10k 😉 Then i head to Hometown kopitiam for breakfast, following are the stuffs that i ate:

  • Milo Kosong Kau (not food :p)
  • 2 omega eggs (seems to be fresh this time around)
  • Chee Cheong Fun ( a bit diluted sauce today

After that (well it was already 1030, yeah i need to work) I head over to TPM, gotta do some proposal work today.

Lunchtime…. had food at Astra Pattaya.. in Seri Petaling. The food so-so lar, but very bad to my diet, a lot of oil especially on my Nasi Goreng Patayya. Needless to say for the blardy spicy and sourish Tomyam Chicken. But towards the end, the fragrant coconut drink rules em all.. very nice and sweet.

As the day past, i finished my proposal – that was fast considering need to submit by tmrw… he he… then we all had over to Snooker Center in Amcorp (with HM – he didn’t drive.. car in penang).

JNL and CS was already there, they had a meeting somewhere in KL and was already playing pool (and a jug of beer) before heading to amcorp. We were there from 6.30pm till abt 10pm. Damn that was really long… looks more like a BOD, since all 5 of us was there.. amazingly, DNY was there since 3pm :O amazing.. must be the chinese new year mood 😀

It was sucks though, didn’t manage to win any game.. sigh.. need to practise more 😀

Then we head to PJ State for mamak a.k.a. dinner, the maggi goreng was good.. .a

Then i sent HM back home, and head to Uptown to pay my stanchart.. sigh there was a pasar malam… stucked there for more than 10 mins… just for a stretch of 100m.. sigh sigh.. decided to pay it tmrw… well.. we shall see .. he he

Okay lar.. about 12 midnight.. time to sleep …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz