In the past four weeks, I’ve been working out on my own without my trainer. Honestly – it’s felt a bit different as with a trainer you have a sense of motivation as well as structure whenever you go into a gym. After finishing all my sessions, I decided to go on my own. After a bit of googling, I managed to find this website:


The name itself says what its meant for. It’s actually a weighttraining portal for weighttrainers! As you go into the portal, you see things like this:


Does it look familiar? Yes it does.

You can see all your training days, as well as the workout history..


What I love about the site is it’s training plan..


Currently, I am on my kettlebell workout plan for four weeks. I am now going on week 3 😀

You get shits like this!


See – the best part about this, is that you can change your workout plan as you wish. Really can get away from plateau!


I started with 5×5 workout plan initially for 4 four weeks, and 1 week after fasting month I moved to kettlebell as I don’t think I can lift that much of weight as well as the gym is super packed in the evening. Wouldn’t recommend doing weights in the evening unless you plan to come after 9pm.

What’s awesomer is that… it has an IOS App! It’s pretty damn good..


What I love is that theres a workout video for most of the workout.

An android app is coming, but don’t know when..


I am currently still far from the leaders..


and notice my fitness report card! damn bad weih! slowly lah.. surely i get down to A soon. Hopefully – when I get down to a reasonable figure (again..) i can show some progress photos :p

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Healthy Eating

The most important part of a weight loss regime is healthy eating. Any tom, dick and harry knows that the more you eat, the heavier you would be(not really muscle, but fat of course). How much more you can eat is relative to your own body! Different people of course would have different metabolic rate and different weight. In fact – the rule of thumb is of course – the heavier you are, the higher your base metabolic rate, or the amount of calories that is required for you to function.

So – for me for example, I require on average about 2600 calories(source: My body fat monitor, livestrong). So if I reduce my calorie intake by 100 calories everyday (less one teh tarik), in 30 days I would be able to loose about 1 pound!

Having said this, naturally – if you control your food, you should be able to lose weight relatively easy. On the contrary, if you loose track of your diet – you would gain weight easily too! Skipping teh tarik in your daily diet will not make a difference if you eat that lousy cake as dessert for dinner.

In addition to calories – we should also look at the nutritional composition. Even if you whack 2600 calories(that’s for me), but bulk of it is fat(yes.. those lousy cup cakes), you will not be able to lose weight. The body of course takes a hell lot longer to process fat – and as far as I know, fat is like the least priority to be used for energy! Sugar would be first, then protein then fat.

In summary, the key for good eating.. is … healthy, balanced and sufficient food.

Fitness Regime

So – now, we know that eating healthily will enable you to lose weight. So why workout?

For me:

1) Accelerate the weight loss – during and even after your workout!

2) Build muscle – to increase metabolic rate

3) Keeps the heart healthy(and other organs too)

4) Because it’s fun!

So now for example, a healthy diet(assuming it’s balanced), you get a deficit of 300 calories from your basic calorie requirements. Now say – you run 10k, you’ll probably spend another 1000 calories. So now, at the end of the day you have a deficit of 1300 calories. In a week, you’ll get 1300 X 3 = 3900 calories (assuming 3 times a week). 3900 calories is approximately about 1.2 pounds a week. So if you do this week in, week out, in a month, you’ll lose about 4.8 pounds or about 2 kg.

So in general – always couple healthy eating and good fitness regime.

Sufficient Rest and Sleep


Now – we have a good eating habit, healthy fitness regime – so what else for this jigsaw puzzle? Well – of course one should always ensure they rest and sleep well.

Rest and sleep will ensure the body recovers from all the battering and stress that we put to it during our daily life and fitness regime. We are organic – our muscles get “destroyed”, and we continuously rebuild back! And of course it gets rebuild stronger! If we don’t rest – go figure. In fact – sleep is a good form of rest!

In the past, we heard in the news about healthy individuals who died even though they are extremely fit (they run marathons!). And what the news said – these guys didn’t have enough rest (probably they ran too much, and lack of sleep).

So in a nutshell..





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For most people, doing exercise is a pain. Why do people sweat out and torture themselves with long runs, painful weights and boring cardio when they can just sit down and relax. I am one of those junkies who cannot stop exercising – though my physical appearance does not reflect the type of exercises that I do. To be honest, exercise does not translate to a physically fit body – there are more factors to it!

Anyway – for junkies like me, the problem has always been trying to get myself to rest. Resting in fact, as food – is a key aspect in ensuring that your body continue to function well. Rest can mean different things, but to my limited knowledge, rests are:

1) Good sleep

2) Rest day


Good sleep – is not only about 8 hours sleep, but its about good quality sleep. I.e. one will need to sleep at least X amount of hours + it needs to be a quality one too. Don’t expect having to have a good rest if you sleep 8 hours, and half the time you are waking up because the bed is too hard, or the pillow is too high. I usually don’t get decent sleep because I tend to watch TV before I sleep. Though its great to get me to sleep, I always forget to set the sleep mode, causing the TV show to run all the way to the morning. Yes – apart from the waste of electricity, the sound from the TV will indirectly cause me not to sleep well. A good sleep is the type that when you wake up – you feel refreshed! **haven’t got that in a long while!**


Rest day – is a day where you don’t actually work out. My personal problem is that I don’t let my body to rest. I workout generally about 2 hours a day without fail. And this happens daily from Monday to Sunday. So lately, I’ve been pushing myself to rest more. Getting about 1 rest day every 6 days – at least. Not very successful, but have to start somewhere. Rest day is very important so that our body can rebuild the muscles. This will also ensure that we don’t push so much that our muscles gets weaker and weaker – causing risk of injury to go up. The question really now – does light workout constitute to rest day? Say a 30 mins easy swim – something that we can relax? Heart rate around 100-110 bpm? To me its fine. But to some people its not. Well – at the end of the day, know your body! And you will be ok 🙂