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Fitness routine is one of the most important part of the a person’s daily life. Yes – there’s a lot of mixed thoughts and thinking around this, but fitness routine is a core importance in ensuring a healthy life.

A healthy body is a combination of 4 things (to my own opinion of course!):

  • Good food
  • Good exercise
  • Good rest
  • Healthy mind!

Good exercise means that you would need a balanced schedule of workouts, be it running, cycling, gym or even bootcamp. For me – my typical schedule is as such:

Day Workout
Monday Bootcamp
Tuesday Run
Wednesday Bootcamp
Thursday Run
Friday Bootcamp
Saturday Run or Cycle
Sunday Rest

Well – each and every day of my workout, I give myself a bonus workout. A bonus workout would be extra swim or extra 5-10km run. Depending on the extra time which I have!

For example, typically after a bootcamp session – I would go for a quick swim because I have a lot more time before I go to work. A bootcamp session finishes about 6.45am. By the time I get home, it’s about 7am. A quick 20 mins swim is great to relax my muscle.



Having such rigorous workout routine is somewhat not so good, therefore I will always ensure that my sleep is good. In the past, I’ve neglected sleep. 4 hours of sleep is good???? Yah right. Nowadays I’ll try to ensure that I sleep a minimum of 6 hours though a good 7 hours is the preferred choice. In fact 8 hours is idea!l

Another good thing to do – is to always make a check on your resting heart rate. An elevated heart rate in the morning, right after you wake up is a good gauge that your body needs rest. I’ve written about this couple of times – and I cannot emphasize is a lot further. If your body needs rest… better give it a rest. Otherwise you will end up with injuries and such!

Last note – losing weight is not just about workouts! It’s…

  • Good food
  • Good exercise
  • Good rest
  • Healthy mind!


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Healthy Eating

The most important part of a weight loss regime is healthy eating. Any tom, dick and harry knows that the more you eat, the heavier you would be(not really muscle, but fat of course). How much more you can eat is relative to your own body! Different people of course would have different metabolic rate and different weight. In fact – the rule of thumb is of course – the heavier you are, the higher your base metabolic rate, or the amount of calories that is required for you to function.

So – for me for example, I require on average about 2600 calories(source: My body fat monitor, livestrong). So if I reduce my calorie intake by 100 calories everyday (less one teh tarik), in 30 days I would be able to loose about 1 pound!

Having said this, naturally – if you control your food, you should be able to lose weight relatively easy. On the contrary, if you loose track of your diet – you would gain weight easily too! Skipping teh tarik in your daily diet will not make a difference if you eat that lousy cake as dessert for dinner.

In addition to calories – we should also look at the nutritional composition. Even if you whack 2600 calories(that’s for me), but bulk of it is fat(yes.. those lousy cup cakes), you will not be able to lose weight. The body of course takes a hell lot longer to process fat – and as far as I know, fat is like the least priority to be used for energy! Sugar would be first, then protein then fat.

In summary, the key for good eating.. is … healthy, balanced and sufficient food.

Fitness Regime

So – now, we know that eating healthily will enable you to lose weight. So why workout?

For me:

1) Accelerate the weight loss – during and even after your workout!

2) Build muscle – to increase metabolic rate

3) Keeps the heart healthy(and other organs too)

4) Because it’s fun!

So now for example, a healthy diet(assuming it’s balanced), you get a deficit of 300 calories from your basic calorie requirements. Now say – you run 10k, you’ll probably spend another 1000 calories. So now, at the end of the day you have a deficit of 1300 calories. In a week, you’ll get 1300 X 3 = 3900 calories (assuming 3 times a week). 3900 calories is approximately about 1.2 pounds a week. So if you do this week in, week out, in a month, you’ll lose about 4.8 pounds or about 2 kg.

So in general – always couple healthy eating and good fitness regime.

Sufficient Rest and Sleep


Now – we have a good eating habit, healthy fitness regime – so what else for this jigsaw puzzle? Well – of course one should always ensure they rest and sleep well.

Rest and sleep will ensure the body recovers from all the battering and stress that we put to it during our daily life and fitness regime. We are organic – our muscles get “destroyed”, and we continuously rebuild back! And of course it gets rebuild stronger! If we don’t rest – go figure. In fact – sleep is a good form of rest!

In the past, we heard in the news about healthy individuals who died even though they are extremely fit (they run marathons!). And what the news said – these guys didn’t have enough rest (probably they ran too much, and lack of sleep).

So in a nutshell..