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Today’s workout of the day is..

As many reps as possible in 20 mins for..

5 Hang Power Clean @ 40kg/30kg

10 Handstand Push Ups

15 Squats

DId a substitution of ..

Handstand push ups to Dumbbell push ups..

So.. i managed to do

8 rounds + 5 hang power clean… on 30kg in 20 mins…

Hang power cleans are:

crossfit, pushmore, squat, tabata, Workouts

Today I did my first of the three foundation classes which i signed up for.

As usual, the workout started with warm-up…

Then I was taught on how to do air squats, overhead squats and front squats!

After that, i was asked to do Tabata squats which is rather damn tiring. The drill consists of 3 sets of (maximum number of air squats in 20 seconds) with 10 seconds off every set.

I managed to pull off


At the eighth set after the 11 squat i practically fell, cause I just didn’t have strength to push myself up.. Yikes…

Here is a video of tabata squat taken from youtube..


crossfit, pushmore, Workouts

Made the plunge.. decided to go pushmore for some crossfit taster! And hell yeah.. it was painful but it was rather somewhat addictive. Hence decided to pay the RM300 starter package, which comes with 3 foundation classes (which Jonathan said will be done before CNY, hopefully) and 1 month of unlimited access to Pushmore gym.

So today – since its a taster, here is what i got..


  • 5 mins skipping (painful for a mediocre skipper like me)
  • Set of (10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 ring pull (dunno what its called), 10 sit ups) X 3


As many set as possible in 10 mins (hence its called MINI CINDY). The actual CINDY is 20 mins long

  • 5 back row (substitute for pull-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 squats

I managed to do ONLY 4 sets in 10 mins. Heart was pounding till 170bpm, dizziness kicked in, food start to tickling the throat… Can’t imagine a real CINDY!

Anyway, it was good enough for me to join the cult 😀 Sucker for pain.. No pain no gain.. :))

Calories burn 527

Average HR 128

Maximum HR 173

Next.. would be Monday morning… (we shall see what’s the WOD first…)