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A media invite has been sent out for a media event on 1st September in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – the traditional location for Apple for the Fall Events. It is expected that Apple will release:

– the new Ipod Touch with Facetime Capability

– New Apple TV (to be renamed to iTV)

– 99 cents rental for TV Show

I wonder if the rumors are true! Its actually good time to launch all the things above as the new Fall Season will be coming out soon! Boooyahhh!


(image by @wired)

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Linked from the shoemaker forums here – that nike is finally going to release a Heart Rate Monitor that will be compatible with the range of Nike+ products. This is definitely an awesome news – and will open up a whole bunch of potential with regards to fitness management via the iPhone.

I used Nike+ before to track my runnings – but eventually skip it because it does not have integration to any Heart Rate Monitors. Who knows – if the heart rate monitor by Nike is more comfortable than polar – i might just give it a change.

I guess its about time, as other shoemakers like Adidas has already launched their HRM. And if nike does not follow suit – it gonna be a disaster. Hey – Nike+ is super awesome. IPhone or Ipod has very good interface 😀 Now.. lemme think, will it work with IPAD? Coz i actually use ipad during on treadmills. He he..