Finally. Managed to get working

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I finally managed to get my sensor working! So happy. The JST connector – after a few tries again I managed to crimp it. Seriously even with a crimpler – I would probably struggle to do it. 

I managed to achieve two things:

  • Read the sensor values
  • Upload the sensor to the cloud

There are quite a few things which I wanted to do such as:

  • Hookup GPS sensor
  • Hookup 3G module
  • LED to show the status
  • LCD displays to show the readings

Definitely I won’t have enough ports thus I need to use a serial bus. That’s probably the next target. That also mean that I need to go buy more toys!! Hahaha

Anyway – here are the photos of my pm2.5 sensor. Basic read and upload. Not much. I suspect there’s a memory leak though. Hehe


IoT Cloud – It Works!!!

Geek Stuffs, IoT

Here’s the setup. Simple temperature sensor connected to the analog inputs.So it works. I managed to do a simple setup to read the temperature of my room and send it to the cloud for analysis 🙂

The data are then sent thru Intel iotkit-agent. Shown below is the log file of the agent.

At the output is as follows!


Not bad. Now i know how to send data to the cloud. Easily