Bootcamp.. No Limits ?

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Bootcamp is one of those group physical exercise that pushes your body to the limit, and again the limit is all in your mind. You workout at your own pace – at your own speed, and it’s all relative to what you want to do and what you want to achieve.


Your body can do more that what your mind can allows it to be. By design, we are strong, we are powerful – and we are generally limited to what we think. The more you push yourself, the more you will be able to understand your body – to what limits it can sustain.


They key to be able to push (and reduce the amount of stalling) is to be able to try and push yourself. With bootcamp, you not just get a push from your inner self, but there are people around your – the instructors and the other recruits that will held you hand and push you together to reach the new you! **sounds so corny isn’t it?**


Due to 8 weeks challenge, I am pushing myself to workout 6 days a week – every morning at 5.45am. Doing crazy things – pushing myself to a limit that I probably cannot imagine myself can achieve. Being in injured for the past 2-3 months or so really does not help, but it is what it is, and I really need to pickup my pace again if I want to get back the great fitness level which I have worked hard for last year.

Again – though my injury is somewhat OK – the right calf is generally still quite weak in comparison to my left weak. With the added pounds gained in the last few months (due to a long period of inactivity and “high intensity” food) it really does not help – thus classifying me into the “OKU” or disabled recruit. Where I am unable to do certain type of exercises such as jump squats, switch lunges, hops and many more. But seriously, it should not and will not stop me from pushing myself harder and faster because the limit is all in the mind. And if i put all my mind to it, I would be able to achieve what I want to achieve!

Just to end this post before i start work.. share with you Rami – the 8 weeks challenge winner from last year!


8 Weeks Challenge is back

Bootcamp, Workouts

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 3.28.41 PM.png

Yes, you heard me right! The infamous Original Bootcamp 8 weeks challenge is back. With a Inferno Version 3.0, its time to see some great transformation from my fellow recruits from all over the world.

I was the Malaysian Champion won buck loads of vouchers (AUD1000 worth of New Balance) and few hundred more of BSC stuffs. Yes yes… and now I am back participating in this grand competition. But why… well, out of mixture of indisciplined and torn calf – makes me gain those few extra pounds (and yeah, that is an extreme understatement to my case).

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 3.29.41 PM.png

Anyway, what is done is done, and now let’s look forward to the next 7 weeks (this is the end of week 1). What’s the difference this year is that, Armin (who sleep and breathe @ has managed to find a whole bunch of supplements that is Gunny-approved. Hooyah. **it’s heavy stuff!**.


As any other supplements, please do refer to your consulting physician before loading yourself with these heavy supplements. The Inferno 3.0 book specifically state that you should consult your own doctor! Please!!! We don’t want people dying of heart attack while going thru 8wc. For more information on the supplements, please refer to Armin’s post here

To my own opinion, 8 weeks challenge is a combination of the following:

  • Specifically designed diet!
  • Specifically designed daily workouts to compliment your bootcamp session!
  • Great selection of supplements to get your body to work harder… faster

And most importantly – 8 weeks challenge is somewhat like a Social Collaboration of different people from different background to work together to achieve the same goal – Body Transformation! COBC facebook page is super active with posting from different individuals – giving out tips, sharing recipes and motivations! Not just that, during the actual COBC session, non-participant gives full support and motivation to help the 8wc participant gives their very best for each and every session! Hooyaah. To add to that, whatsapp groups are created too.. amazing.

At the end of this 8 weeks challenge, I am not expecting myself to win (if can win, good-lah), but it’s more for me to get back on track to my ideal weight. Hopefully in 6 months or so… hopefully.

I always remind myself, I used to be this big..

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 3.37.45 PM.png

Huge bugger…(not that I am very much different now).

But the key is to not give up – understand what’s your past mistake and just move on. It’s ain’t over till it’s over.. Hooyah.

Before signing off, feel see what I ate for lunch today!

2012-09-09 13.05.26.jpg

It’s freaking burger… and it’s 8wc compliant. Hoo yah!!!

And.. challenge ticker!



Photo tapau from Armin’s blog –

100% Attendance, 100% Commitment and 110% Effort or ACE certificate is awarded to recruits whom had consistently through self discipline attended all the 12 training sessions in the month.


For what ever reason – only in the month that I started getting my ACE! Previously of course – with so much commitment at work, it was so difficult me to get up early and attend bootcamp!

Moving forward from December – there will be new sessions on Tuesday and Thursday in Bandar Utama! Thus – making it more easier and flexible for me to get ACE. In fact, since the rule has changed for Bootcamp, I can do buffet! I.e. I can come as many session as my body can take. In fact – my target is to be able to do 6 days in a row for bootcamp! We shall see Smile