Back Alley Post

Sometimes – you wonder where did your meal come from when ordering from a club or something.

The photo shot above – shows a meal being brought in thru the back alley from one restaurant to another premise. Fascinating indeed. Well, at least they did keep the top cover to avoid anything from falling into it!



I usually will do an early morning shoot, but this particular day – together with my other Leica buddies, we decided to go for an evening shoot in KL. It was really fun. Something different, and something challenging indeed.

I’ve been telling myself to bring my camera to the office, so that after work – I can take a short 30-60 min walk around KL to do some street shoot. I need to tell myself that I am taking a walk rather than doing a street shoot then I am not pressured to make sure I have a good shot. Being a light shooter myself, not going to be a problem for me.



This morning, I wanted to head to town to buy some coffee beans. Decided to go a bit earlier to take some photos. Brought out my 35mm as I wanted to train myself to use this focal length, versus my usual 24mm (which is by far my favourite). Just some collection of random – not so good photos…



Tropical cyclone depression has resulted in almost 36 hours of continuous raining in central parts of Peninsular Malaysia. This has resulted in flood in various places, Scary days.

Even my office lower ground floor/lobby was flooded, At least few feet deep. I am not sure whether the ATM is still usable but its definitely looks scary. I won’t be coming to office anytime soon but I do hope those people that parked their car (some had to do shift) are safe. Looks really bad indeed.

This is a reminder for us that climate change is real and we do need to balance the development as well as the impact to the environment.


Missing My Travels (2/365)

Shinkansen 2018

This is my second posting out of my 365 days challenge.

The photo shared above is from my crazy trip to Japan in 2018 where I flew to Tokyo and did a train trip all the way to Kagoshima, which is nearer to Busan than to Tokyo.

It was an amazing trip indeed and being stocked here in Malaysia for the past couple of years due to pandemic is a really painful, especially to my mental health. I did go for a few local trips but nothing beats going to another country.

I do hope that I am able to travel overseas again. The pandemic will transition to endemic. We will need to start transitioning to a state of normalcy otherwise the impact can be quite detrimental.

There was a time of which I will plan for a quarterly holiday to somewhere. Few day break here and there is definitely be very good. Last two years may be painful but – it’s time to look forward.

Again – time to go back to the drawing board, look for my goals and purpose and chart my next level of adventure. Be it for self development or pure entertainment….


Searching For Purpose

It has been a long time since I last posted anything to this blog. I guess blogging is dead. Is it right?

Well – this is a space that I created decades ago to share my thoughts, my work, my life (to an extent where I think I want to share). I will continue to use this site to extract what ever creative juice that I have to the world. Not like there’s anybody that read this blog.

Anyway – it is quite fascinating. In fact – over the last one year, I don’t think I posted much when it comes to my blog post, oh why? Well – I am just too bogged down with work and other distractions. Or should I say I am well distracted with a lot of things. Me being me, always hot hot chicken shit. Like this particular posting, probably be the only one that I will write in the next few months. The next one could probably be in another quarter or so.

So – back to the question, is blogging dead?

Is it?

Well – lets see. Maybe I need to put up a challenge sometime next year to blog for 365 days straight. Certainly – a lot easier that to do a video log which requires tonnes of effort.

So lets see – I need to think on whether I should commit. Should I or should I not, yes? No? Maybe? Wouldn’t it be better if I were to post it on LinkedIn instead and get more likes there?

I guess the question in my mind is – what is my goal and purpose of putting this blog up. It started as sharing space for my photography works which has since dropped to almost zero. Sigh, too many hobbies and too little time. I need to revamp! I need get back to it.

Anyway – enough ranting, time to sleep. Perhaps I’ll get some inspiration….

What’s that?

The photo above is my usual walking route. My workout routine now usually consists of both walking and going to the gym. Depending on what time I wake up in the morning, I will vary my workout. If I do have time (and my gear ready for gym), I will certainly try to go to the gym as it gives me the right amount of push to burn the damn calories. But lately, I’ve been less disciplined. Seriously. Need to get me back up to the mental tenacity that I have experienced before MCO. The shoulder injury, followed by the minor side effect from vaccination (which I think is purely mental) just driving me down the rabbit hole and not being able to get out. (Perhaps – I should use this blog as my recovery journey?)

Anyway – it is already 11pm at night, I should be going to sleep rather than wasting time on my iPad (maybe cause excited as I just bought the new iPad). Seriously?

I shall think of a topic to write tomorrow. Maybe I should do this 365 days of writing. Who knows, my “England” may turn up better after 365 days!

Till tomorrow…..



It is day 1 of Full MCO. I do not care of what people say about it, but the principle behind it is very simple…


To protect Yourself,

Your Family,

Your Loved Ones

I have heard so many stories, some are from really close friends. In the past, I always heard from social media, but this time around, a few of those people are within the people that I personally know. There is no more time to waste, now is the time for us to really do what we needed to do months ago, which is to stay home to stay safe.

But – despite all of these, there are also certain groups of people which will need to still go out. And this is limited to what the government classify essential services. Yes – the SOP is not done properly, it is highly confusing and at times filled with gaps, but the fact of the matter is very simple –


In the past 24 hours, it has been quite a hassle to ensure the carer that my family paid to come over to my parents’ house, which so happens to be outside of the district. We have been relying on the carer’s service for many years and this pandemic has really made it a lot more challenging. The way to get the permission permit is so confusing, especially for niche but essential service like carers. As we speak, we are still trying to do what we need to do but it definitely seems difficult. Let us hope and pray that I am able to find a way to make this possible, because without a carer – it is really troublesome for my dad given that he stays with my mum. The rest of my siblings stay in different districts.



First things first – make sure you take the proper measures to ensure your and your household’s safety (we are in lockdown).

Second – instead of finding fault, look for suggestion and funnel them to the right channel.


You think that the vaccination is so slow.

Why don’t you volunteer rather than complaining ?

If you have nothing better to say or to help, stay home and keep quiet.


Ranting on Covid

Petugas barisan hadapan sudah penat. Tapi kami masih gagahi demi menyelamatkan nyawa anda. Bantulah kami untuk bantu anda & keluarga

One of the highest new cases per million In the World because?

  1. Kerajaan Gagal… (failure government)
  2. Vaksin Lembab… (slow vaccination)
  3. Stupid MCO… Ineffective lockdown

But have we ever thought that some Malaysians:

  • …. still cross districts despite knowing that…
  • … still go to the shopping mall for the sake of jalan jalan despite knowing that…
  • still jalan jalan visit your loved ones for raya despite knowing that…
  • … still go to your girlfriends/boyfriends house… despite knowing that…
  • … still do group running/cycling and claim “bumping” into them… despite knowing that ….
  • … still go into panic buying despite knowing that….
  • … still cross-state border by making up an excuse and ask for permit despite knowing that….

It is not about whether you allowed or not allowed..

It is not about whether you get caught..

It is not about whether I see other people do.. so I do…

It is about us taking responsibility and accountability for the actions … our own actions…The front liners are suffering and doing their very best, and what are we doing as Malaysians?

Our own attitude will cause many more people who will suffer due to the economic slowdown because of the stupidity of some Malaysians and their “tidak apa” attitude.

We, as Malaysians, need to start to take responsibility for what is happening. ..The only way we can get thru this if we do this TOGETHER


Street Shoot – Brickfields

Felt like Thosai today, so I woke up – rode my Vespa over to Brickfields for a quick Thosai. I was being very careful as I didn’t want to go to a place where the SOP compliance is poor. After circling around, a few times – I saw that Sri Pandi had an outdoor table, and it was quite spaced apart.

Spaced apart – away from the crowd.

After breakfast, I did a quick walkabout, equipped with mask (and spares too) and hand sanitizer. Paid particular attention to make sure I am socially distanced from any of my subjects. I also equipped myself with 35mm. Not a lens that I typically bring out, in fact I don’t even remember the last time I used that lens. Anyway – it was quite a change, but given that I need to be socially distanced, it was quite a good lense. I could have used a 50mm but I just not very good at it!

Back of a restaurant
Back alley

The beauty of riding a scooter is that I am able to move myself to different part of the city quickly. Rode around my usual places, but it does seem like the city is so crowded, so I decided to head home instead.

Zion Church


Jeti Pantai Kelanang

Few months ago, I did a drive to Pantai Kelanang. While driving back, decided to take the less travelled road and discovered a jetty. Quite nice and quaint to take photo. I should ride my bike here at some point.


Street Shoot in 2021

Yesterday, I decided to bring out my camera out after a long hibernation. Last year was going to be a pretty good year when it comes to photography, but that fell short due to the pandemic. I guess – we all have to take sacrifices when it comes to the pandemic. Different people have different degree of impact due to the pandemic, and I myself have a fair share of issues when it comes to pandemic.

Running around KL city

Nevertheless, yesterday – I took my brand new scooter for a run around KL city, while lugging around my trusty M Monochrom. Snapped a few photos 🙂

Stop over for a quick coffee 🙂
Towering Blocks

Here is my quick chill ride video around town 🙂