Chinese Temple


One of those days that I got off the swimming pool and told myself that I need to write more on my blog. I know its useless because I don’t have much audience but by writing on here, I do improve on my typing skills (lol) and also my comprehension skill.

The photo shown above is a photo of inside of a temple in Kuala Lumpur. The temple has been visited by many photographers (including me). I’ve been to this temple way too many times that I am bored and can’t think of what should I take photo. Perhaps I need to explore outside the state in order to take more nicer photos. My bike is really collecting dust!

Back at Learning


It has been a while since I read my banking book. Been busy to be honest. Handled a lot of stuffs, but I figure if I don’t read a book in the morning or at night on banking, I won’t be doing much reading. I need to get myself familiar with banking in order to do my work better.

So today – I am back at reading the Principles of Banking. I must say is a very good book to give a background, and 6 months passed, a lot of terms mentioned in the book is very very familiar. When I first started reading the book, a lot of the information felt gibberish but now most of it, I have heard!

So anyway – today is really simple. The book talks about the different types of products in a bank (obviously looks familiar!).

Well – looks familiar but not the same. Most of the products shown above I have encountered before in my work but of course on the surface level. I am not part of the business but classified more like a support function. I vow to do some infographics to show what I learn here, but of course it takes time.

I am trying to use InDesign, but I must say is freaking difficult. Using PowerPoint is so much easier to do. Perhaps because I’ve been using it for years!

Till then…

#100daysnocarb is under way (Day 7 of 100)

Fun Posts

There have been many projects that I undertook in the past in pushing for personal transformation. More have failed than the on that passed. Sad to say. But I guess – we must always try to push ourselves to get to where we want to go. In the last few projects that I tried to start, I seems to have failed to keep it to a longer period. I think the last one probably last couple of days before I fall down the bandwagon. Not sure what goes in my mind. The longest I’ve gone thru was about 3 months where I managed to bring down the weight quite a bit. The last one that I did lasted for 70 days before I fell off the bandwagon. And never managed to get up.

Despite that – earlier this year, seems to be very good year for me. I lost approximately about 12-15kg since I came back from my holiday in Japan. Why the range is because my weight keeps fluctuating and I am not sure what is the weight that is the starting weight. What ever it is, it is a good year.

I definitely living in a state where I am probably in the heaviest state for the past 3-4 years. Struggling so much to lose weight, but my self discipline has eroded to the lowest level. Hot hot chicken shit is probably a good description of what I feel, or rather what I do. Too much of falling off the bandwagon, and then I keep dragging myself down. Which makes my journey to normal size harder. The thing about this year that I have changed is that for me to cut down sugar tremendously. Generally no desserts and sweets. Despite having a very sweet tooth, in the past couple of months – I was able to skip most of this making me able to lose the weight that I wanted to lose. I also skipped rice as much as I can.

Nevertheless, every now and then I need to push to reset my body. And this time around – I am pushing for low carb. Very low carb indeed. It has only been a full 6 days and I am targeting myself to go for very low carb for 100 days! That’s a good 3 months++. Haven’t decide if I want to do a cheat meal, but 100 days is long enough to keep the momentum to be able to get to a state where I am happier. In fact the progress for the past 6 days has been extremely good. More than I can imagine. There is no way I can keep to this pace as if I do, I would probably be a skinny cat!

In addition to making sure I am going on low carb diet, I also make sure that I am exercising hard enough daily. Once a day with one rest day. Even rest day – it is an active rest day. Not just lie down and sleep. In the past 6 days there have been time when I was too tired, especially after a flight back from Singapore. I guess its really time to work hard, and this is about making it sustainable.

One thing that I learn in the past couple of months, I am able to hold my weight despite letting my diet to go astray. The cutting of sugar and regular decent exercise does help. The one that I need to really kill off are the binges. I am famous for that. The moment I roll, I really roll. I guess I am keeping myself check, by writing on a personal journal at the start and end of a day. It keeps me in check and making sure I don’t get off the rails. The test is of course when I fall off the bandwagon!

This was me approximately 10 years ago! Amazing indeed

I hope I can reach back the size in the next coming year or so, but let’s take baby steps! 100 days first. 6 days done, and 94 days to go!