Buddha Jayanti Temple


Back in November, I and my Leicanuts boys went for a quick walk around Pudu. There were so many things to shoot given it was a market, but we decided to take the non-normal route and walk to the other side of Pudu which we rarely go.

Front of the temple

The temple is located not far from Pudu. If one were to go around and look for it, you may not find it as it was somewhat hidden by massive development.

See what meant by development?

Last weekend I woke up early and decided to join a photoshoot with my Leica buddies. It has been a few months since I hang out with them.

The location of the shoot is in Ampang. I have not been to this part of Ampang. Although I lived nearby, the place I went to was out of reach as there was no public transport. Walking was too far.

The market that we wanted to visit is closed for redevelopment! The market ended up to be a street market. The feel is not the same at all. Nevertheless, we spent about 90 mins walking around.

Street Market
Street Massage
Siew Yuk
Medical Hall

Weekday Street Shoot


I have been telling myself to shoot more. Shooting over the weekends are great, but the problem is that I have way too many things to do. Last weekend, I decided to shoot a day or two during a weekday. On Monday, I packed up my camera and brought it to the office. Two days passed, and I didn’t go out for a shoot. In fact, yesterday I started walking, but then it started raining. I had to abandon my plan.

So today is the day. Weather was great! In fact, such a great day for a sunset shoot. I walked from the office all the way to Pudu and back. The environment is definitely different. I managed to catch a few decent photos. Hopefully, by doing this more often, I will be able to get some gems!

Here are some of the photos from today!

Partial Solar Eclipse


Yesterday – it was the day for partial solar eclipse for Malaysia. In fact, it was an annular solar eclipse in Singapore. The question is, what is a solar eclipse?

Based on the website www.timeanddate.com, there are 3 different types of the solar eclipse.

Here is what I managed to shoot using my iPhone and ND filter. All handheld, not darkened but slightly sharpened using the iPhone.

I guess, the next one – I should bring a long telephoto lens which I don’t have!