Holiday Breaks – A Different Approach


Holiday is something that is important. It gives me the time to stop thinking about work and clear my mind. After switching industry to banking, one thing for sure is that I am able to take more holiday as I do have more time for myself. I have 7 days extra annual leave. This is equivalent to 1.5 weeks which can be translated to 1 more holiday!

This year – I am changing the way I am going on holiday where I plan to take a break at least once a month. So far I’ve gone to Chiang Mai in January and Yangon in February.

For the coming months, I am planning to go to the following countries:

  • March – Tokyo
  • April – Bangkok (or surrounding area)
  • May – Manado
  • June to July – Hokkaido (or surrounding cities)
  • The rest – I’ve booked my leave but not planned on where to go! I do want to go somewhere I have never been to before. Perhaps Laos?

I think this is a great strategy as I do have very long and tough days and having regular breaks allow me to reset and rethink of my strategy. Usually, at the end of the holiday, I always think about how am I going to do better on the first day of work! Yes yes – it may not be the best thing to do but I guess this is great given that I am planning for regular breaks. The only downside of taking regular breaks is that my diet goes bonkers as usually, I let my “guard” down during breaks. Not that I am that much discipline during normal days. I do need to change this though!


Yangon – Burmese Condominium



Chiang Mai – Temple

One of the reasons I am going for holiday is to continue to push for my photography hobby. In the past 8 years, I have been neglecting my hobby and now its a good time to go back to it. Past couple of months has been great. I have probably taken more photos than the last 8 years! I think I need to continue to push this but of course it is easier said than done.


Kuala Lumpur – Street Shoot


My camera gear in Yangon

Ok – till next time…


Another view of Shwedagon Pagoda


Thought of sharing another view of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. It is a pretty but I do need to revisit this place. The scaffolding is distracting the pagoda. It looks OK from far, but from near – hmmm.

This was the original post that I shared earlier:


Other shots of the Pagoda is as follows:


The shot above is long exposure to remove the crowd. 125 seconds exposure. Some post processing is required as the dreamy look is not something that I was looking for. In addition to that, I do see some patches which I have no idea why. It doesn’t impact a lot of my photos so I will leave it for now.


A photo of an old lady lighting up the candle surrounding the pagoda.

Not my usual shot, but I thought I should share. Night views should not be with empty skies!



Watch Shop


During last Saturday shoot – again, posting some of best shots of the day. Purely using 35mm. 35mm walkabout is something that I am not comfortable but I do want to push myself to use it. No doubt, its much easier to use 35mm to shoot but I feel so disconnected with it.

What I like about 35mm – I can quickly take this shot within 1 second (provided that I my camera is on standby). As 35mm is the same frame as our eyes, it is literally look and shoot. By having a pre-composed image in my brain, the whole process is so fast. Unlike a 21mm or 24mm where there are a lot more of area that you need to process in the composition before you can press the trigger 🙂