Finally. Managed to get working

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I finally managed to get my sensor working! So happy. The JST connector – after a few tries again I managed to crimp it. Seriously even with a crimpler – I would probably struggle to do it. 

I managed to achieve two things:

  • Read the sensor values
  • Upload the sensor to the cloud

There are quite a few things which I wanted to do such as:

  • Hookup GPS sensor
  • Hookup 3G module
  • LED to show the status
  • LCD displays to show the readings

Definitely I won’t have enough ports thus I need to use a serial bus. That’s probably the next target. That also mean that I need to go buy more toys!! Hahaha

Anyway – here are the photos of my pm2.5 sensor. Basic read and upload. Not much. I suspect there’s a memory leak though. Hehe


IoT Cloud – It Works!!!

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Here’s the setup. Simple temperature sensor connected to the analog inputs.So it works. I managed to do a simple setup to read the temperature of my room and send it to the cloud for analysis 🙂

The data are then sent thru Intel iotkit-agent. Shown below is the log file of the agent.

At the output is as follows!


Not bad. Now i know how to send data to the cloud. Easily


JST ZH 6-pin 

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As part of the PM2.5 project, I bought the the GP2Y1010AU0F sensor from RS online. 

What I failed to realized is that the sensor came in without a connector. The socket that it came with is a JST ZH 6-pin 1.5mm pitch male socket. Damn. Thought I could kick start some of the work but I guess not going to happen. 

What I need to get now is the female socket. Not easy to find the ones that are crimped. 

Above is taken from hobbymart. 

I was looking high and low including posting to the Arduino Malaysia Facebook. 

Few options:

  • Buy from Ebay(which I did)
  • Buy from Jalan Pasar(recommended by Facebook)
  • Buy components from RS including the crimper – too expensive and don’t think I want spend that much money. It’s over 1k!

While waiting for eBay, I’ll try my luck at Jalan Pasar tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Project # 1 – PM2.5 sensor (Brief)

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Issue at Hand

In Malaysia, the reading for the Air Quality Index is based on a PM10 standards where the particulate matter is of the size of 10 micro grams per square meter. The updated standards from EPA are based on PM2.5 where the particulate matter is of the size of 2.5 micro grams per square meter. 

The Department of Environment mentioned that they will take 3 years to be able to deploy new PM2.5 sensors. 


Sprint #1

Build a low cost PM2.5 sensor that reads the particulate matter and calculate the AIr Quality Index. 

Sprint #2

Send the output of the sensor to a digital LCD display and create a traffic light system using LED. 

Sprint #3

Send the output to a cloud service so that we can monitor. This is done using wifi. 

Sprint #4

Attach a 3G module so that we can send the data using 3G. 

Sprint #5

Attach a GPS sensor so we can make it mobile. 

Sprint #6

Attach the Edison board to a battery!

Sprint #7

Solar power the damn thing. 

I finally if these are all fine and dandy, I’ll try to convert the breadboard to a PCB and build a nice waterproof casing.