It has been more than a month


Since I crossed the borderline. Initially, the knee jerk reaction has helped as I quickly changed my diet and ate medication. The BP went down quite significantly, and I believe medication helped. But I guess – I quickly somewhat went back to what I normally do. I need to be extremely careful in this, as long term crossing the borderline will mean that I will be at an extremely high risk of heart attack and stroke! This is crazy.

Few key things that needs to be changed immediately:

  1. Regular exercises – this has started. I have a daily exercise regime that consists of walking up arboretum. It has been quite successful. In fact, by doing this I was able to reduce some weight. Very successful indeed.
  2. Reduced Salt Intake – this is where I failed. In the past couple of weeks, I have been neglecting my diet. I need to go back at eating raw food, mainly salad and low salt food. Water retention causes more fluid in the blood and causes blood pressure to go up.
  3. Greens and Fruits – same goes for item 2, starting tomorrow my diet will be more of these two things. In fact, I intend to completely cook on my own for the next one week and will skip the salt. Completely. I need to take drastic measure and see whether there’s impact to my BP.

I am hoping that I am able to bring this under control. It has been a month and changes is too minimal and I am not yet off the danger zone. Seriously. Time to push hard, push very hard.

Borderline Living… and crossed

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For many years I have been living with a borderline blood pressure to hypertensive. Historically – I am hypertensive as my parents are both suffering from hypertension. In fact my mum – suffered a series of stroke that somewhat making her having issues with some parts of her life (including dementia). In the many years of doing medical check up, I have been diagnosed to have borderline hypertension. But I guess I have not been doing what I should do which is to control what I eat and making sure that go back down to the normal range of hypertension.

Last week – I went to buy a new Blood Pressure monitor as my previous one has given way. As I was testing, I also took my BP reading and to my surprise(or not) – the eventual had happened. It was pretty damn high which also explains the occasional headaches that getting a bit more prevalent in the past couple of weeks. I immediately pop over to my doctor and after many a long conversation with him, he said its time. Its time to start calling myself a hypertensive patient. And start taking medication. He did mention to me that looking at how high it is, if I manage to lose 20-30kg of weight, I should be able to get back to normal range and potentially can get off the BP medication.

I am not monitoring my BP daily. There are some changes of the BP based on the medication, but based on my research, it’ll take approximately 4 weeks before I will be able to see any results. In fact more importantly – I need to start adopting massive changes to my diet if I want to be able to lose weight and drive down my blood pressure. It is going to be a challenge. I know that the project364 somewhat went down the drain but recently I kick started that again in order to make sure I get down back to my healthy range. There are so many impact of high blood pressure and it is extremely important that I manage this because a lot of shit can happen, example kidney failure. Not something that I want. In fact – in my next meeting with the doctor, I need to take a blood test to make sure that there are no protein in my kidney. If there is – I am screwed till kingdom come. But I am confident that I am able to recover from this health mishaps. Its something that I need to do – if not now.. it’ll be sometime soon. I can do this. I can really do this. Slowly but surely.