Day 82 Somewhat it works

Its amazing – for something that I did not really focus on but it works. I wonder if I actually push it will work even better. It has been almost 12 days since I last posted, and for what ever reason what I did or did not do managed to get me to lose weight back to almost where I first started before I fell down the bandwagon. Perhaps it is due to fasting month.

Now that I am back where I am, I need to continue to push on and work consciously on the things that I promised myself not to do. In fact – with Raya coming, it is going to be even more harder because all the good food that I can consume. I need to focus constantly on being on track. I know that I have not been persistent on the things that I should do with the principles I set out, but that is all behind. More importantly is the consistency. Consistency is the key. One thing for sure in the past 2 weeks is that I am very focus on making sure that I am don’t consume a lot of carbohydrates. There were few days on binging on sugar but that is not as often as before. The definition of binging is subjective but to me whenever I consume sugar outside of my cheat meal is considered binging. I should focus on not consuming sugar because sugar is bad for you. In fact sugar is the root of all evil!

This week is going to be fun, the last week for fasting. I need to continue to focus on building back my fitness health. I must say during fasting month I have not been diligent enough to workout, mostly due to the fact that I am so engrossed with the concept of Sahur that I don’t wake up early enough to go workout. Now that I have about 6 more days for fasting, need to make full use of it. Intermittent fasting has always work for me, so therefore I need to make full use of it.

All the way till end of June I will focus on building back my cardio health, and when it comes to July I will start back again my bodybuilding routine. I believe that building muscle mass is important in order to ensure the fat burns all the time. It is going to be painful. After a month of back and forth of not working out, the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) going to be terribly painful. I suspect it will probably be 2 weeks before I get back to my routine. It does not matter, I know I need to push for this.

Last week I also picked up my new motorcycle. I did buy a R1200GS Adventure. My dream bike. It was quite an impulsive purchase but I will take it as an advance present for the achievement. Using a new bike, I need to get a new jacket and pants. My current jacket which I have used for more than 4 years is really in bad shape. Things are falling apart. I will need to focus on losing the fats that I have so that I can buy nice jacket 🙂 Ralleye perhaps!!

Anyway – that’s it for today. I will continue again tomorrow. I need to do this everyday. Posting to blog on my post will allow me to be connected to my project.

Day 70 Reboot… Recharge

It’s a restart after almost 4 weeks of falling off the bandwagon. The principles are the still the same in which:

  1. Consistency
  2. Cook in bulk
  3. Accept Failure and Move On
  4. Remove all Temptations
  5. Tell Everyone

In the past couple of weeks, I am just being an ass. I have no idea what was going in my mind. I just became a victim of my own doing. Not really a victim but more of a monster. I have refused to get into the journalling expect which is a key fundamental component of the project.

What is done is done, and now I need to move on. Cannot undo what that has been done, I can only look the future and push hard. And hard is what I am going to do.

It is more tricky now because it is fasting month. The same principle applies, no sugar… no carbs… (exception for oats). Clean eating is the way to go.

Exercise will need to start again. I think in the past couple of weeks, my workout has been less than 2 or 3 times weekly. I have no idea why I go down to this. Perhaps the injury that I got myself into killed my whole motivation. Perhaps, not sure, but I guess its reboot. Need to stop lying to myself.

This is a psychological warfare, time to push hard. Principle #3 – Accept Failure and Move On. And this is what I am going to do.

Till tomorrow.

Back track – Day 70 back again.. 4 weeks

This is really bad. I have gone off the bandwagon for more than 4 weeks. It is just crazy. I feel so bad – and I think the key here is to get back on track. I am going to ignore the days between 4 weeks ago and now. It is time to relook back at what shit had happened, and recover completely from it. The key is to continue to focus on making this work. I can’t continue this shit anymore – which is lying to myself.

Tomorrow will start of another day, in fact now is the start. Tomorrow is Day 71 – and I will go back to what I should be doing versus cheating against myself. If I don’t go back – I think I will not get back to where I want to go. Seriously – this is more important than ever. If I don’t do this as per my previous posts, I would probably die young. Seriously.

Starting tomorrow – I shall be healthy again. There are few exceptions in which I am ok to eat oats for breakfast.

OK here is the plan tomorrow – this will need to work. Seriously.

  1. Wake up at 4am and go to the gym for a good workout.
  2. Back by 5.15am and sahur on oatmeal.
  3. Work.. work.. work…
  4. 6pm – go to the gym for a quick cardio.
  5. 7.30pm – buka puasa. Something healthy.

I need to get back on track and don’t kill myself along the way. If I don’t do this, I will definitely die of slow death.. but young. Sigh. Seriously.

Day 69 of 364 Recovery

After a week of cheating, I am slowly recovery to make sure that I am back on track. I must say it is not that easy getting back into the rhythm of controlling my diet. Feeling of guilt is all around last week, but looking back on what I have consumed – made me realised how my lifestyle last week is bad. And how that lifestyle propelled me to the shape and form that I am now (was). It is amazing the amount of processed and junk food that I eat. I wish I could turn the clock, because it was not a good feeling. In fact, it was not just my mind that felt bad, but the body also was on an overdrive mode trying to process all the junk that was consumed.

I guess – it is true that the “performance” of mind and body depends on the fuel that we consumed. I can feel my brains working on snail mode. Sleep was interrupted. Now is about transitioning back to a healthy mode. In which I am detoxing out all the junk that was consumed. It will take at least a week or two for me to flush out all the junk. What ever that I done for the last 2 months or so just go down the drain, and I need to reset my body to get back into a fat burning engine. It does not help with my sprained ankle which is recovering well. In my mind, I can hear the crack when it happened. I am still amazed that I am recovering well.

The food yesterday was not great, but it is on the right track. I need to continue to flush out. I think I need to impose my rule no#4 which is Remove All Temptation. In my fridge is a pack of Ramly burger and another pack of Ramly hotdog. In addition to that I also have the buns is for accompanying the junk food. Looking at the poster that I printed couple of days ago is for a constant reminder for me to stick to the plan. I will throw out the junk food so that I am not tempted to do what I shouldn’t do which is to eat junk and processed food. Will do it later after I write this journal.

As per my previous post, due to my sprained ankle – I am unable to do any runs, and do any load bearing exercises. I feel really shit and hence that was one of the reason last weekend I really fell into the black hole. I kept telling myself that I cannot fall. The last time I had the injury was in February, and at the same time I fell into the black hole. Consuming shits that I should not. In fact the recovery for back was good, I was able to jump back to normal routine after 2 weeks. Not after gaining a few kilograms of course. The injury before that which was when I fell into a gap near my swimming pool. That injury was so bad that caused me to be out of action for few weeks. And that really propelled me into a black hole and gained 10kg or so in a short period of time. Not just because of inactivity but because of the food that I consumed.

I really need to be careful with the food that I eat because my high blood pressure is very high. High blood pressure can cause various diseases. It does not help with the fact of my other sins that I have not given up yet – for example coffee. I need to recover properly and start looking at giving up those. Trying to give up too many things at one go not going to workout. I am deciding if I should start medication for now temporarily. I am super tempted to do that, Adalat 30. Maybe, maybe not. May be I should. Let me ponder for a couple more days and figure out what’s next.

So the plan for today is very simple. I don’t think it is going to be hard

  • Morning Workout – Rowing for 10km
  • Breakfast – Protein shake
  • Lunch – Salad from Ben’s
  • Dinner– Salad from Ben’s (again!)
  • Optional workout – Rowing for 5km before dinner

I super need to bulk cooking. Eating out is great if I make the right choices, but it is not easy at all to be able to make the right choices because I am super lazy. It is amazing how lazy I can be when it comes to buying food. It does not help if the healthy food places are not as near as I want it to be! Plus – with the sprained ankle not going to help.

The other thing that I need to do is to be able to not eat junk food during my long meeting. I have another long meeting today – similar to my Thursday ones. I need to avoid from eating junk foods- Karipap! Dangerous. Let’s see. Need to remove all temptations. Rule #4. Till another day!