Day 62 of 364 3rd Month – More challenges

This is the 3rd month that I am working on this project. More challenges are expected this month given that I will be doing more travelling, started to pick up riding more often and preparation for the end of quarter for the firm(work). I need to continue to focus my energy on making this work. If I don’t – I will definitely get myself into trouble. Based on experience – I generally will fall during crunch time. I have seen it happened too many times and I can also seen it happen during my journey. But I need to remain focus and employ what ever necessary effort to make this work.

There are few things that I have done that have kept me focus in the last couple of days:

  1. I am not shy to tell people that I am not going to take carbohydrates. In fact – I am very determined to tell people that I am only going to take carbs once a week for cheat meal.
  2. I stop and think of what I want to eat before I binge. The thinking process itself kept me from cheating.

I need to continue to do this. There are times when I am off the bandwagon, but the important part is to keep my focus. There are two instances yesterday in which I failed to keep my focus:

  1. I did not do portion control while eating Korean chicken. I should have kept focus and not just binge like there is no tomorrow. Focus, count my chicken (literally).
  2. I did not stop and think when I bought some kueh for my mum. Slowly but surely I can manage this. Yes I can.

Today – I would be travelling to Singapore for work. It’ll be two nights. I need to remain focus while travelling. I should not be eating nonsense. I know there are food over there that I really want to eat, but I cannot let myself to eat nonsense stuffs because I need to remain focus to my diet. Low carb (or zero carbs). The journey is long and hard. And I need to put all my focus on it.

Reviewing the effort that I have done in the past 2 months – yes it has been great, but it could further be improved. I know exactly what are my issues and I need to continue to push myself hard so that I don’t go off the bandwagon too much. There have been too many instances in which I went off, and there are many reasons. Slowly but surely I need to reflect and learn off my mistakes. There is no point to sulk over things that happened in the past. We need to continue to look at the future. It is going to be extremely hard, it is going to be super painful, but without this journey – I will go thru a journey that is even more painful, which is to die early. I am not shy to say that at the rate I was going, I was quite sure that I had couple of years left in this world (maybe 5?).

And why?

Because with the food that I eat, the exercise that I do, the lifestyle – it is just not sustainable. I know some of the metrics like cholesterol and such are good, but that does not mean that I will be ok. My respiratory system was bad, when I was walking slightly faster, I know I was already having heavy breathing. Now is definitely a lot better, and I know with all the running that I have been doing, it is going to improve. The other point that I need to monitor is the blood pressure. I know I am on the border of high blood pressure, and with losing weight definitely the blood pressure will go down back to normal. I need to focus on exercise and controlling the amount of salt that I eat.

Heart issue?

I know that with low carbs diet – I don’t really care about the fat intake. Fried food? Butter? All that great stuffs. I think I need to slow that down because despite the fact that I will be losing weight with reduced or zero carbs, heart issue will come eventually when there are too much fat in my daily consumption.

Slowly but surely I will make this happen. I can’t afford to let myself down. I need to focus on making sure I am extremely healthy moving forward. I know waking up in the morning is not an easy thing, especially when I need that 2 hours to go thru my routine. There are days when I wake up and I went back to sleep, but this is normal. The body needs to rest. But seriously – I need to envision what I want to be in 298 days time. It is going to be phenomenal. I know I will get to where I want to be. If other people can reach there, why can’t I do it. I can do this shit!

The tomahawk that I ate yesterday!

Kueh that I bought…. Gulp


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