It has been more than a month


Since I crossed the borderline. Initially, the knee jerk reaction has helped as I quickly changed my diet and ate medication. The BP went down quite significantly, and I believe medication helped. But I guess – I quickly somewhat went back to what I normally do. I need to be extremely careful in this, as long term crossing the borderline will mean that I will be at an extremely high risk of heart attack and stroke! This is crazy.

Few key things that needs to be changed immediately:

  1. Regular exercises – this has started. I have a daily exercise regime that consists of walking up arboretum. It has been quite successful. In fact, by doing this I was able to reduce some weight. Very successful indeed.
  2. Reduced Salt Intake – this is where I failed. In the past couple of weeks, I have been neglecting my diet. I need to go back at eating raw food, mainly salad and low salt food. Water retention causes more fluid in the blood and causes blood pressure to go up.
  3. Greens and Fruits – same goes for item 2, starting tomorrow my diet will be more of these two things. In fact, I intend to completely cook on my own for the next one week and will skip the salt. Completely. I need to take drastic measure and see whether there’s impact to my BP.

I am hoping that I am able to bring this under control. It has been a month and changes is too minimal and I am not yet off the danger zone. Seriously. Time to push hard, push very hard.

Borderline Living… and crossed

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For many years I have been living with a borderline blood pressure to hypertensive. Historically – I am hypertensive as my parents are both suffering from hypertension. In fact my mum – suffered a series of stroke that somewhat making her having issues with some parts of her life (including dementia). In the many years of doing medical check up, I have been diagnosed to have borderline hypertension. But I guess I have not been doing what I should do which is to control what I eat and making sure that go back down to the normal range of hypertension.

Last week – I went to buy a new Blood Pressure monitor as my previous one has given way. As I was testing, I also took my BP reading and to my surprise(or not) – the eventual had happened. It was pretty damn high which also explains the occasional headaches that getting a bit more prevalent in the past couple of weeks. I immediately pop over to my doctor and after many a long conversation with him, he said its time. Its time to start calling myself a hypertensive patient. And start taking medication. He did mention to me that looking at how high it is, if I manage to lose 20-30kg of weight, I should be able to get back to normal range and potentially can get off the BP medication.

I am not monitoring my BP daily. There are some changes of the BP based on the medication, but based on my research, it’ll take approximately 4 weeks before I will be able to see any results. In fact more importantly – I need to start adopting massive changes to my diet if I want to be able to lose weight and drive down my blood pressure. It is going to be a challenge. I know that the project364 somewhat went down the drain but recently I kick started that again in order to make sure I get down back to my healthy range. There are so many impact of high blood pressure and it is extremely important that I manage this because a lot of shit can happen, example kidney failure. Not something that I want. In fact – in my next meeting with the doctor, I need to take a blood test to make sure that there are no protein in my kidney. If there is – I am screwed till kingdom come. But I am confident that I am able to recover from this health mishaps. Its something that I need to do – if not now.. it’ll be sometime soon. I can do this. I can really do this. Slowly but surely.

Day 19 of 364 Cheat and Rest


Its day 19 and its a rest day

Everybody is entitled to have a rest day. Pushing the body for a long period of time is going to have a detrimental effect. Its not good as the body will need to time to recover.  In fact in some article that I read – for people who are above 40, it is recommended that you workout two days and then take one day break. I think that is pretty good, but my problem is that for non-workout day, I tend to feel extremely sluggish!

Yesterday was cheat meal day and also a rest day. Something that I should not have done because I should have at least balance out the day with a long cardio. Well – I did plan to do so but the problem was the weather was so shit that I could not get myself out to Arboretum to do a long hilly walk! It would have been good honestly. But I guess let bygone be bygone as I can’t turn the clock around. I can only see what I can do differently when such things happen.

Cheat meal was pretty awesome. Helped myself to some great food. Onion Rava Thosai, Idly, Paneer tikka and dessert ice cream sandwich. I could feel the sugar kind going around my brains.


At night I kind of whacked. Not from the low carb food but more from the amount of food I consumed. I seriously should have controlled the volume of food that I ate. I did not ended up to be extremely full but it is easily double of  my typical volume of food. Sigh. But we can only learn. I need to remember portion control. Portion control is also extremely important. Just to recap on portion control.

Size it Right

I must really have this ingrained in my mind. In most times, I don’t think before I eat. Need to continue to push push push. The weekly result may be quite shit as it has not been a great weekend 🙁 But we shall see tomorrow.

In fact – after thinking about it, I may need to rethink my target weight loss per week. Something healthy and sustainable would be about 1 kg a week. That would be great. Anything more is actually quite dangerous.. Let me rethink about it. To end the journal today, let’s watch a very interest TEDX talk on what happen to fat when we lose it… Mathematics of Weight Loss

Day 18/364 Fell of the bandwagon…


There are days when we fell off the bandwagon. Yesterday is one of it. I don’t think it was really bad. Its just one of those days. The food I ate wasn’t clean and this is not good. Setbacks are given.. Today is also my cheat day (which I have a meal that I can eat). As such from a weight loss perspective – I did gain weight over the last 24 hours, which I think is due to water retention (salt yo). But as expected this is what I will experience as I go thru this journey.

I had:

  • Protein for breakfast
  • Lunch – chicken salad and hot and spicy soup
  • Coconut water for tea!
  • 3 thai fish cakes, bbq squid and chicken chop (argh)

The workout in the morning was good. I did a full body weight workout couple with a hard 30 mins cardio. I don’t feel any DOMS now – which means that I can push my body a bit harder. My body does feel very tired perhaps due to me working out for about 8 days in a row without proper rest. I did get very good sleep throughout the week, which is an important aspect of my routine.

Post Setback

Will I do anything different today, probably not. I probably will just do a swim afterwards, to enjoy the morning sun, followed by clean up of the house! Before heading for my cheat meal. I am thinking of thosai for lunch! Followed by some light dessert. What ever that is. We need to really give in to my tastebud. So that I don’t binge! Binge! Binge! Its all about balance. Cheat meal is a method that I employ to allow balance lifestyle. I may be strict in my daily meals (except yesterday 🙁 ) but it does not mean that I cannot enjoy food. I really enjoy my food (as we can see), but there must be a balance that I need to strike to ensure that I don’t go overboard. With age, metabolism is going to slow down – if its not slow enough. Proper management of balance is extremely important.

Fighting Depression

I know I want to be really aggressive, but sometimes we need to pace ourselves. I am already ahead of my the curve – and for me to be depressed for a day’s mistake is not good. Depression is something that needs to be managed. There will be a lot of setbacks as I get thru this journey, and managing setbacks is part and parcel of the journey. The last thing that I want to end up with is depression. (to start with its not really that bad la).

Focus is extremely important. If there is a straight road to greatness, then everybody will be healthy. The journey is never easy and never will. The key is self discipline and focus. Falling down is how we grow…


Day 17 of 364 – Turning 40 Project


11.8% progress

Thats how much of progress I have made after a duration of 4.6%. Its definitely good progress but expected to happen during the early part of the loss. It is a long way to go and I do not need to get overboard with the quick loss. In fact if any rebound were to happen at this time, it’ll be double as fast. Its going to be so easy to jump back 4.6% – probably faster than the blink of an eye.

I am actually quite worried that I have not been eating enough food. Calorie deficit is good, but over deficit will cause loss of muscle which is unhealthy to me. Some might say that that losses is normal and part of cutting phase. But cutting too much muscle is just useless. This is more of fear that I have than reality. I do not want to repeat the Cohen diet that I did about 10 years ago in which I lost a lot of muscle and looks way too damn skinny after the completion of the diet. I do want to be muscular-ish. Hence the target weight is about 85-90kg in which given that my lean mass is about 75-76kg, the target weight will give me approximately 10-20% body fat. Note that my ideal weight based on my bone composition and height is 76kg.

Yesterday was a typical leg day. I took double protein – as per the last couple of days. Despite pushing slightly heavier weights, I am not feeling much DOMS. The whole notion of pushing double protein really helps in recovery. Either that or the extra sleep is really giving me that extra recovery power. Alternatively it could be because I have not been pushing myself! There are going to be a few travel for me in the coming months, Need to get myself to focus on the money trail. Which is to remain low carbs with one cheat meal a week. I do feel a bit cautious about this week, as I have been pushing extra hard given that on Monday (start of the week), I am 0.5kg above the target schedule, In fact given the circumstances if I didn’t cheat that much last week, I would have been able to reach my target goal by today. Well – there’s 3 full days to go and I need to lose 1 more full kg. Not going to be easy but we just do it. I do have an extra couple of days in this month that I can make up in case I didn’t make the target numbers, but let’s not do that. I rather use that as a buffer for the future effort.

Physical transformation has started. My shorts that I used to sleep are too big! My shirt are feeling loose, pants are folding when I use the belt. Despite all of these, I am only 12% progress, there’s more to come. Not easy, not simple, need to push hard. Would love to have something quick and simple, but having something to quick are not sustainable. In fact, the way that I am eating this week is in no way sustainable. Honestly – reason being is that I am so lazy to make anything for dinner. Waking up about 4am does tax me at night. I will be zonked out by the time it reaches 9pm. In which I should be going to sleep. Because I need that 7 hours of sleep to sleep.

Let’s continue to push on for the weekend. I may one to do a long cardio tomorrow (provided I don’t get my bike). Maybe I do three rounds of arboretum. I need to be careful of low sugar. This will be good fun because it’ll give me sweat out. Alternatively I can go to Firestation to sweat it out. I don’t want to go Firestation for now as I wanted to build some momentum in my running before heading over again. I do have 20 passes left that I need to use by July. Maybe in April I start going once or twice a week. With strength and endurance, I would be able to enjoy it better. I have not gone for about 3 months. Getting back there going to be a journey!