Visit to Kuala Sepetang

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Last weekend I did a trip to Kuala Sepetang because I thought I wanted to eat cockle. The last trip I did to Kuala Sepetang was couple of weeks ago in which I went for motorcycle trip up north to Penang. A friend of mine introduce me to this place called Restoran Tepi Sungai (Restaurant By The River).

The restaurant it self is on a platform above the river mouth, along the mangrove coast of Kuala Sepetang or better known as Port Weld. It was a short trip and I did not do any food photography. It was mainly a food trip to eat dinner. I did however took a few pictures when I was walking out of the restaurant. One of these days I should make a trip there and go for some street shooting. It does look like a nice place to shoot.

Here are some photos that I took…

The location of Kuala Sepetang is as follows, click on the link to head over there!

The other stuffs thats famous there are charcoal factory and prawn mee. Which I’ve never been to both!

Cambodia Revisit

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I have been shooting for a long time, and now I have not been shooting. Is this statement confusing? Possibly not!

Anyway – this is a revisit of the photos that I shot in Cambodia during the Crossing Bridges 2008. One of the last few crossing bridges that I attended before I started shying away from photography.

The photo shows the monk-in-training eating their lunch. Its really a set of simple food.

More from London

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When I was in London, apart from running around for work, I also took the opportunity to take photos to relive back my hobby that I took up seriously many years ago. Now equipped with a small “point and shoot” – I am still trying hard to get myself to take really good photos. To be honest, its easy to take photo – but its damn bloody hard to come out with a masterpiece.

When I was doing soul searching in the past couple of days, I was thinking on what exactly will I do when I retire. There have been quite a bit of ideas but I guess photography and travel are probably the two things that I would be doing mostly (unless I ran out of money). Photography itself is reasonably cheap given that I already have the tools that I need AND I am not tempted to upgrade. Whilst travel can be very expensive. Spending a month say for example in Europe going to cost me a bomb. Given the Malaysian currency to be very weak, it is going to be a challenging affair. I will take it a step at a time, but more importantly is to focus on what I need to focus which is to build sufficient war chest and the right health as I get into retirement.

Retirement is only 6 years from now. There’s a lot of things that I need to do. The key is to focus – focus – focus – focus.

London.. More Pictures

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It has been months since I went to London, and I have tonnes of photos that I have not processed nor looked at! My laziness seems to taken priority. It has been like this for many years. I cannot imagine how I am going to be a travel photographer when I retire. I need to come to a workflow that works.

During my trip, I shot almost a million pictures (nah just joking). But only a few that I like. I need to seriously practice more. I know my Leica Q is a bit shitty at the moment, but the more I don’t work on it, the more my ability to take picture will diminished.

Here are a set of pictures that I took. Not the best, but it does have a bit of character, I think!