Weight Goals

Weight Loss

Losing weight is probably the hardest thing to do for me. It’s not easy – having a weight that so high up there above anybody else does give a lot of psychological pressure when it comes to socialising. I know that this is something that need to change, but yet I have not taken any concrete actions in the recent years. Partly because I am so engrossed and busy with work and kept my health unchecked.

It’s so sad because I spent so much time exercising, but always killed it by eating rubbish foods. I need to change – I need to motivate myself to make myself better. If I don’t do this, I will end up dying – not happy.

I am not young either, turning 40 this coming year. I need to make a change that will turn to a better me. How will I do it, I guess the most important thing is of course discipline. Discipline is the core of everything. Nothing can motivate myself better apart from me seeing results as I go on. There are so many things that I want to do now but I failed to do because I keep falling off the bandwagon.

I read this book recently during my trip to London. It’s all about habit. I need to find the root of my problem and fix it. There is always a trigger point, and once I fix the trigger point – I would be able to change it.

Can I do this? Of course I can – its the question whether I am pushing myself to the next envelope better. I have no choice but to take action now before my body starts to disintegrate to something which do not want to happen. There are so many things that I want to do – primarily travel the world, see the world for what it is. All the adventure that I want to experience are put on hold because I am not fit enough to do.

Giving myself another year for this. Every single year I tell myself I would do this and every single year I will fall off the bandwagon. The longer I put this to the side, the more damage I would do to my body. So – I am transforming this blog into my weight loss blog for the year. This is something which generally I keep it to myself but I guess its something that I need to be open about, so that I get more help and support from the readers. Not that I have any but this is something that I can push myself to be.

Motivation is extremely important, and this will be the platform that I will garner motivation apart from my friends and families which I believe will support me. I want to be healthy, and to be healthy I need to make investment to myself. And this would be one of it. I need to lose approximately 65kg this year to reach my target weight. It is not going to be easy but it is something that I need to do.